(100) Oriented Silicon Wafers-5

PAM XIAMEN offers (100) orientation Silicon Substrates.
Below is just a small selection. Let us know if you can use or if we can quote you on another spec.

PAM2973n-type Si:P[100]4″500P/PFZ 198-200SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2974n-type Si:P[100-6°] ±0.5°4″325P/PFZ 1-10SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2975Intrinsic Si:-[100]4″300P/PFZ >20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2976Intrinsic Si:-[100]4″525P/PFZ >20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<1μm
PAM2977Intrinsic Si:-[100]4″525P/PFZ >20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2978Intrinsic Si:-[100]4″650P/PFZ >10,000SEMI Prime, with LM, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<2μm
PAM2979p-type Si:B[100]4″300P/E800-5,400SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2980p-type Si:B[100]4″500P/P10–20SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2981p-type Si:B[100]4″1500P/P>10SEMI Prime, 2Flats, TTV<2μm, Empak cst,
PAM2982p-type Si:B[100]4″3000P/E/P10–15SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Individual cst
PAM2983p-type Si:B[100-6°]4″250P/E8–12SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2984p-type Si:B[100]4″1000P/E6–7SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2985p-type Si:B[100]4″1600P/P~6SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Individual cst
PAM2986p-type Si:B[100-6°]4″525P/E3–6SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2987p-type Si:B[100]4″500P/P2–10SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2988p-type Si:B[100]4″200P/P1–20SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2989p-type Si:B[100]4″200P/P1–5SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2990p-type Si:B[100]4″250P/E1–10 ohm-cmSEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2991p-type Si:B[100]4″300P/E/P1–10 ohm-cmSEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2992p-type Si:B[100-10°]4″300P/E1–10 ohm-cmSEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2993p-type Si:B[100]4″500P/P1–10 ohm-cmSEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2994p-type Si:B[100]4″500P/P2–10SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2995p-type Si:B[100-6°]4″525P/E1-100SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2996p-type Si:B[100] ±1°4″480P/P0.1-1.0SEMI Prime, TTV<3μm, Empak cst
PAM2997p-type Si:B[100-4°] ±0.5°4″381P/E0.01-0.02SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2998p-type Si:B[100]4″800P/EP0.01-0.02SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2999p-type Si:B[100]4″3100P/PCZ 0.006-0.009SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Individual cst
PAM3000p-type Si:B[100-6°]4″525P/E0.0042-0.0047SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3001p-type Si:B[100]4″150 ±15P/P0.001-0.005SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<2μm
PAM3002n-type Si:P[100]4″200P/P49-57SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3003n-type Si:P[100]4″400P/E32-70SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3004n-type Si:P[100]4″400P/P17-19Prime, NO Flats, Empak cst
PAM3005n-type Si:P[100]4″700P/E14-18Prime, NO Flats, Empak cst
PAM3006n-type Si:P[100]4″250P/E11–13SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3007n-type Si:P[100]4″400P/P10–18SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3008n-type Si:P[100]4″525P/E5–10SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM3009n-type Si:P[100]4″259P/P3–5SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3010n-type Si:P[100]4″475P/P1-100SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<2μm
PAM3011n-type Si:P[100]4″500P/P1-100SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<1μm, With Lasermark
PAM3012n-type Si:P[100]4″525 ±10P/P1-100SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM3013n-type Si:P[100-4°]4″525P/E/P1–10 ohm-cmSEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3014n-type Si:P[100-2°]4″525P/E>1SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3015n-type Si:P[100]4″600P/P1-100SEMI Prime, 2Flats, TTV<2μm, Bow<20μm, Warp<30μm, Empak cst
PAM3016n-type Si:P[100]4″1000P/P1–20SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3017n-type Si:P[100]4″2500P/P1-100SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Individual cst
PAM3018n-type Si:Sb[100]4″450P/E~0.03SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM3019n-type Si:Sb[100]4″400P/E~0.02SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3020n-type Si:Sb[100] ±0.2°4″250P/P0.01-0.05SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3021n-type Si:Sb[100]4″310 ±15P/P0.010-0.025SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<1μm
PAM3022n-type Si:Sb[100]4″600P/E0.01-0.03Strange Flats
PAM3023n-type Si:Sb[100-4°]4″1500P/E/P0.005-0.030SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3024n-type Si:Sb[100]4″1500P/E/P0.001-0.030SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM3025Intrinsic Si:-[100]4″525P/E400-1,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst

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Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China.PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices.PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

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