100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-1

100mm (4 Inch) Silicon Wafers-1

PAM XIAMEN offers 100mm Si wafers. Please send us email at [email protected] if you need other specs and quantity.

ItemDiaTypeDopantOrieRes (Ohm-cm)Thick (um)PolishGradeDescription
PAM2312100mmPB<100>0-100500umSSPTestThe ever-versatile 4″ Test-Grade. One of our most popular items!
PAM2313100mmPB<100>0-100500umDSPTestDouble-Side Polished Silicon Wafers at affordable prices!
PAM2314100mmNP<100>0-100500umDSPTestDouble Side Polished silicon wafers, test grade.
PAM2315100mmNP<100>0-100500umSSPTestSilicon wafers, N-type, Test Grade.
PAM2318100mmPB<100>0.001 – 0.005525umSSPPrimeDegenerate doped Si wafers.
PAM2321100mmNAs<100>.001-.005500 umSSPPrimeDegenerately doped silicon. Double side polished wafers also available.
PAM2329100mmPB<100>0.01-0.02525umSSPPrimePrimary flat SEMI (011)+/-1 deg., 30-35mm Secondary flat SEMI 90 +/-5 deg., 16-20mm


PAM2332N/Ph[100]100mm470umDSPFZ >1,000Buy as few as one online
PAM2333P/Boron[100]100mm200umDSPFZ >1000
PAM2334Undoped[100]100mm500umSSPFZ >10,000Prime Grade Lifetime >1,200us, Surface Roughness <5A
PAM2335Undoped[100]100mm500umDSPFZ >5000
PAM2336Intrinsic Si:-[100]100mm500umDSPFZ >20,000Prime Grade
PAM2337N/Sb[100]100mm625SSP0.01-0.022 SEMI Flats
PAM2338p–type Si:B[110] ±0.5°4″500P/EFZ >10,000Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2339p–type Si:B[110] ±0.5°4″200P/PFZ 1–2SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2340p–type Si:B[110] ±0.5°4″200P/PFZ 1–2Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2341p–type Si:B[110] ±0.5°4″200P/PFZ 1–2SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, Extra 8 scratched wafers in cassette free of charge
PAM2342p–type Si:B[100]4″220 ±10P/EFZ >10,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2343p–type Si:B[100]4″230 ±10P/EFZ >10,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2344p–type Si:B[100–4° towards[110]] ±0.5°4″525P/EFZ >2,000SEMI Prime, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2345p–type Si:B[100]4″420C/CFZ 850–900SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2346p–type Si:B[100]4″250P/PFZ 1–3 {0.97–1.01}SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, MCC Lifetime>1,000μs.
PAM2347p–type Si:B[100–6.0° towards[111]] ±0.5°4″350P/PFZ 1–10SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2348p–type Si:B[100]4″500P/PFZ 1–5SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2349p–type Si:B[111] ±0.5°4″400 ±15P/EFZ >20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm, Lifetime>1,000μs
PAM2350p–type Si:B[111] ±0.5°4″397P/EFZ 10,000–15,000SEMI Prime, Backside ACID Etched, Empak cst
PAM2351n–type Si:P[110] ±0.5°4″500P/PFZ >9,600SEMI Prime, 2Flats — Primary @ <111>±0.5° — edge unrounded, Secondary @ <111>. 70.5° CCW from Primary, Empak cst, Lifetime>6,000μs
PAM2352n–type Si:P[110] ±0.5°4″500P/PFZ 5,000–15,000SEMI Prime, 2Flats — Primary @ <111>±0.5° — edge unrounded, Secondary @ <111>. 70.5° CCW from Primary, in Empak cassette Lifetime>6,000μs
PAM2353n–type Si:P[110] ±0.5°4″500P/PFZ 5,000–15,000SEMI Prime, 2Flats — Primary @ <111>±0.5°, Secondary @ <111>. 70.5° CCW from Primary, in Empak cst, 3 wafers with minor edge chips, Lifetime >6,000μs
PAM2354n–type Si:P[100]4″400 ±10P/PFZ 6,000–8,000SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2355n–type Si:P[100]4″200 ±10P/PFZ >5,000SEMI TEST (Scratches & defects on back–side), 1Flat, Ox<1E16/cc, C<1E16/cc, Lifetime>1,050μs, Empak cst
PAM2356n–type Si:P[100]4″380P/EFZ 5,000–10,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Lifetime>1,000μs, in Empak cassettes of 2 wafers
PAM2357n–type Si:P[100]4″425C/CFZ >5,0002Flats (p–type flats on n–type wafers), Empak cst
PAM2358n–type Si:P[100–1.5° towards[110]] ±0.5°4″525P/EFZ >5,000SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Lifetime>980μs, in Empak
PAM2359n–type Si:P[100]4″500G/GFZ 4,300–6,300SEMI, 2Flats, Lifetime>1,000μs, Both sides Ground, Empak cst
PAM2360n–type Si:P[100]4″525P/EFZ 4,200–8,000SEMI TEST (Bad Surface & Chips), Lifetime>1,400μs, 1Flat, in Empak cassettes of 6, 7 & 7 wafers
PAM2361n–type Si:P[100] ±0.2°4″380 ±10P/EFZ >3,500SEMI TEST (in opened Empak cst), 1 Flat
PAM2362n–type Si:P[100]4″400 ±10P/PFZ 3,100–6,800SEMI Prime, 2Flats, TTV<5μm
PAM2363n–type Si:P[100]4″200P/PFZ >3,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, MCC Lifetime > 1,000μs,
PAM2364n–type Si:P[100]4″400P/EFZ 2,000–6,500SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst, Lifetime>1,000μs
PAM2365n–type Si:P[100]4″400P/EFZ 2,000–6,500SEMI, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2366n–type Si:P[100]4″915 ±10E/EFZ 2,000–3,0001Flat at [100], Empak cst
PAM2367n–type Si:P[100]4″300L/LFZ 1,100–1,600SEMI, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2368n–type Si:P[100] ±1°4″200 ±10P/PFZ >1,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, TTV<1μm, in Empak cst
PAM2369n–type Si:P[100]4″200 ±10BROKENFZ 800–1,500Broken P/E wafers, in various size pieces, Lifetime >1,000μs
PAM2370n–type Si:P[100]4″300L/LFZ 800–1,500SEMI, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2371n–type Si:P[100]4″300L/LFZ 800–1,500SEMI, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2372n–type Si:P[100]4″500P/PFZ 400–1,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2373n–type Si:P[100]4″500P/PFZ 198–200SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2374n–type Si:P[100]4″500P/PFZ 50–70SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2375n–type Si:P[100]4″570 ±10E/EFZ 50–70SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, lifetime>1,200μs.
PAM2376n–type Si:P[100]4″300P/PFZ 1.2–2.0SEMI Prime, 2Flats, MCC Lifetime (370–420)μs, Empak cst
PAM2377n–type Si:P[100]4″300P/PFZ 1.2–2.0SEMI Prime, 2Flats, MCC Lifetime (370–420)μs, Empak cst
PAM2378n–type Si:P[100–6°] ±0.5°4″350P/PFZ 1–10SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2379n–type Si:P[100]4″525P/PFZ 1–5SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2380n–type Si:P[100–4° towards[111]] ±0.5°4″525P/EFZ 1–10 {3.2–4.0}SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Lifetime: ~500μs, in Empak cassettes of 5 wafers
PAM2381n–type Si:P[111] ±0.5°4″500P/EFZ 10,000–15,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2382n–type Si:P[111] ±0.25°4″675P/EFZ 10,000–20,000SEMI TEST (Light scratches), 1Flat, Lifetime>1,000μs, Empak cst,


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Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China.PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices.PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

You can get our free technology service from enquiry to after service based on our 25+ experiences in semiconductor line.

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