10*10mm2 Si-GaN Freestanding GaN Substrate

10*10mm2 Si-GaN Freestanding GaN Substrate

PAM-XIAMEN offers 10*10mm2 SI (Semi-insulating) Freestanding GaN Substrate, which has a resistivity greater than 106 ohm-cm. Semi-insulating gallium nitride substrate with the advantages high critical breakdown electric field and good thermal stability are widely used in high-frequency and high-power devices. Following listed is one of the specifications:

SI Freestanding GaN Substrate

1. Specification of SI Freestanding GaN Substrate

Item PAM-FS-GaN-50-SI
Dimension 10 x 10.5 mm2
Thickness 380+/-50um
Orientation C plane (0001) off angle toward M-axis 0.35 ±0.15°
Conduction Type Semi-Insulating
Resistivity (300K) > 106 Ω.cm
TTV ≤ 10 µm
BOW BOW ≤ 10 µm
Surface Roughness: Front side: Ra<0.2nm, epi-ready;

Back side: Fine Ground or polished.

Dislocation Density ≤5x 106 cm-2 (calculated by CL)*
Macro Defect Density 0 cm-2
Useable Area > 90% (edge exclusion)


each in single wafer container, under nitrogen atmosphere, packed in class 100 clean room


2. About Semi-insulating GaN Bulk Substrate Process

At present, limited by GaN material growth technology, intrinsically high-resistance GaN substrate is difficult to obtain, and usually unintentionally doped GaN materials have a high background carrier concentration, which makes this material have a high dark current in device applications. When GaN material is doped with some metal elements, such as iron, carbon, etc., it plays a role of compensating the charge as the main source, so that its resistivity can be as high as 108~109ohm-cm. Therefore, even when working at a higher bias voltage, it still has a smaller leakage current. At present, high-resistance GaN free-standing substrate is generally obtained by using the HVPE method. A SI GaN material can be formed when grow gallium nitride material with performing Fe doping. At the same time, the obtained material has the characteristics of high resistance and high quality.

3. Standards of SI Free-standing GaN substrate  

The substrate of gallium nitride in the semiconductor process has a specific crystal plane and appropriate electrical. Optical and mechanical properties are for epitaxial deposition, diffusion, ion implantation and other subsequent process operations of single crystal semi-insulating gallium nitride substrate. The quality of semi-insulating GaN film meets the process standards.

SI Gallium Nitride Film Geometric Parameters

The geometric parameters of the substrate (like diameter, curvature, warpage, thickness, total thickness change) meet the requirements of the corresponding GB/T 37053-2018 product standards.

Semi-insulating GaN Wafer Surface Quality

The wafer of semi-insulating GaN surface quality (e.g. scratches, point defects, surface particles, surface roughness) meets the relevant technical requirements in GB/T 37053-2018.

Electrical Characteristics of Semi Insulating GaN Thin Film

The carrier concentration, mobility, and resistivity of the SI freestanding GaN substrate are in compliance with the corresponding standards of GB/T 37053-2018.

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