12″ Silicon Wafer

12″ Silicon Wafer

PAM XIAMEN offers 12″ Silicon Wafer.

Material Orient. Diam. Thck
Surf. Resistivity
p-type Si:B [100] 12″ 750 P/E MCZ 1-100 TEST grade, SEMI notch, TTV<25µm
p-type Si:B [100] 12″ 775 P/P MCZ 1-100 Prime, SEMI notch, TTV<3µm
p-type Si:B [100] 12″ 775 P/E MCZ 1-100 Prime, SEMI notch,TTV<10µm
p-type Si:B [100] 12″ 775 P/P 0.01-0.02 Prime, SEMI notch,TTV<4µm

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Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China.PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices.PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

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