150mm (6 Inch) Silicon Wafers

150mm (6 Inch) Silicon Wafers

PAM XIAMEN offers 150mm Si wafers. Please send us email at [email protected] if you need other specs and quantity.

PAM2716150mmN/A650umSSPMECHLow cost Si Wafer great for spin coating.
PAM2717150mmPB<100>0-10620 umSSPTestTest Grade Silicon great for wafer processing studies.
PAM2718150mmN<100>0-100625umSSPTest6″ diameter (150mm), silicon wafers, N-type.
PAM2719150mmPB<100>0.006-0.012525umSSPTestWith Oxide Back Seal
PAM2720150mmPB<100>1-100500umSSPTest2 SEMI-STD FLATS WHERE THE PRIMARY FLAT IS <110>
PAM2721150mmPB<111>0-0.003525umSSPTestNo Certificate available, wafers sold “As-Is”.


PAM2722Undoped[100]6″650umSSPFZ >10,000 ohm-cm
PAM2723N/P[100]6″675umSSPFZ 2,000-10,000ohm-cmPrime Grade, Float Zone (FZ)
PAM2724p-type Si:B[100]6″625umP/E0-100 ohm-cmTest Grade with flat
PAM2725TYPE-ANYANY6″625umP/EResistivity-ANYMech Grade with flat
PAM2726P/B[100]6″675umP/E0.01-0.02 ohm-cmWith EPI layer, Hard wetblast/LTO L.M.
PAM2727P/B[100]6″725umP/E14-22 ohm-cmsd-soft laser mark
PAM2728P/B[100]6″635-715umP/E10-30 ohm-cm1 semi std. flat
PAM2729P/B[100]6″650-700umP/E10-30 ohm-cm2 semi std flats
PAM2730P/B[100]6″610-640umP/E0.008-0.02 ohm-cmWITH EPI layer, poly bagged & labeled silicon wafers
PAM2731P/B[100]6″650-690umP/E100-200 ohm-cm
PAM2732N/P[100]6″625umP/E56-72.5 ohm-cmPoly-SI
PAM2733P/B[100]6″675umP/E15-25 ohm-cmPoly-SI L.M.
PAM2734N/Phos[100]6″320umP/E2000-8000 ohm-cmPrime Grade, Float Zone (FZ)
PAM2735p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/PFZ 10,000–20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2736p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/PFZ 5,000–20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2737p–type Si:B[100]6″350P/PFZ 2,700–3,250SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2738p–type Si:B[100]6″900C/CFZ >50SEMI Prime, 1Flat, MCC Lifetime>6,000μs, Empak cst
PAM2739n–type Si:P[100]6″825C/CFZ 7,000–8,000 {7,025–7,856}SEMI, 1Flat, Lifetime=7,562μs, in Open Empak cst
PAM2740n–type Si:P[100–6° towards[111]] ±0.5°6″675P/PFZ >3,500SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2741n–type Si:P[100–6° towards[111]] ±0.5°6″790 ±10C/CFZ >3,500SEMI, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2742n–type Si:P[100–6° towards[111]] ±0.5°6″675P/PFZ >1,000SEMI Prime, Notch on <010> {not on <011>}, Laser Mark, Empak cst
PAM2743n–type Si:P[100–6° towards[111]] ±0.5°6″675BROKENFZ >1,000SEMI notch Test, Empak cst, Broken into many large pieces. One piece ~50% of wafers other pieces ~20% of wafer
PAM2744n–type Si:P[100]6″725P/PFZ 50–70 {57–62}SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Lifetime=15,799μs, Empak cst
PAM2745n–type Si:P[100]6″725P/PFZ 50–70SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2746n–type Si:P[112–5.0° towards[11–1]] ±0.5°6″875 ±10E/EFZ >3,000SEMI, 1Flat (47.5mm), TTV<4μm, Surface Chips
PAM2747n–type Si:P[112–5° towards[11–1]] ±0.5°6″1,000 ±10C/CFZ >3,000SEMI, 1 JEIDA Flat (47.5mm), Empak cst, TTV<4μm, Lifetime>1,000μs
PAM2748Intrinsic Si:–[100]6″575P/PFZ >10,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), MCC Lifetime>1,200µs, Empak cst
PAM2749Intrinsic Si:–[100]6″675P/PFZ >10,000SEMI notch Prime, Empak cst
PAM2750Intrinsic Si:–[111] ±0.5°6″750E/EFZ >10,000SEMI notch, TEST (defects, cannot be polished out), Empak cst
PAM2751p–type Si:B[110] ±0.5°6″390 ±10C/C>10Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2752p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/E50–150SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2753p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/E5–10SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2754p–type Si:B[100]6″400P/P1–30SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2755p–type Si:B[100]6″415 ±15P/P1–30SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2756p–type Si:B[100–9.7° towards[001]] ±0.1°6″525P/P1–100SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2757p–type Si:B[100] ±1°6″575P/P1–20SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst, TTV<2μm
PAM2758p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/P1–100SEMI Test, Both sides dirty and scratched, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2759p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/E1–10 {4.5–6.5}SEMI notch Prime, Empak cst, TTV<7μm
PAM2760p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/E1–100SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2761p–type Si:B[100]6″750 ±10E/E1–5SEMI, 1Flat, Soft cst
PAM2762p–type Si:B[100]6″2000P/P1–35SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2763p–type Si:B[100]6″400 ±15P/P0.5–1.0SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2764p–type Si:B[100]6″365 ±10E/E0.01–0.02SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), TTV<2μm, Empak cst
PAM2765p–type Si:B[100–6° towards[111]] ±0.5°6″675P/P0.01–0.02SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst, Both sides with scratches
PAM2766p–type Si:B[100–6° towards[111]] ±0.5°6″675P/E0.01–0.02SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst, Both sides polished but only front is Prime
PAM2767p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/E0.01–0.02SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2768p–type Si:B[100]6″320P/E0.001–0.030JEIDA Prime, Empak cst
PAM2769p–type Si:B[100]6″320P/E0.001–0.030JEIDA Prime, Empak cst
PAM2770p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/P0.001–0.005SEMI, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2771p–type Si:B[111–4.0°] ±0.5°6″625P/E4–15 {7.1–8.8}SEMI Prime, 1 JEIDA Flat(47.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2772n–type Si:P[100]6″725P/P5–35SEMI Prime, 1 JEIDA Flat(47.5mm), TTV<2μm, TIR<1μm, Bow<10μm, Warp<20μm, With Laser Mark, Empak cst
PAM2773n–type Si:P[100]6″925 ±15E/E5–35JEIDA Prime, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2774n–type Si:P[100]6″675P/E2.7–4.0SEMI Prime, in Empak cassettes of 24 wafers
PAM2775n–type Si:P[100]6″675P/E2.7–4.0SEMI Prime, in Empak cassettes of 6 & 7 wafers
PAM2776n–type Si:P[100]6″250 ±5P/P1–3SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), TTV<2μm, Empak cst
PAM2777n–type Si:P[100–4° towards[110]] ±0.5°6″675P/E1–25SEMI Prime, 1Flat(57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2778n–type Si:P[100] ±1°6″800P/E1–10SEMI Prime, 1Flat(57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2779n–type Si:P[100–25° towards[110]] ±1°6″800C/C1–100SEMI notch Prime, Empak cst
PAM2780n–type Si:P[100]6″1,910 ±10P/P1–100SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Individual cst, TTV<2μm
PAM2781n–type Si:P[100]6″1,910 ±10P/P1–100SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Individual cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2782n–type Si:P[100]6″3000P/P1–100SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2783n–type Si:P[100]6″5000P/P1–25Prime, NO Flats, Individual cst
PAM2784n–type Si:Sb[100–6° towards[110]] ±0.5°6″675P/P0.01–0.02SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2785n–type Si:Sb[100]6″675P/E0.008–0.020SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst
PAM2786n–type Si:As[100]6″1000L/L0.0033–0.0037SEMI, 1Flat(57.5mm), in individual wafer cassettes
PAM2787n–type Si:As[100]6″1000L/L0.0033–0.0037SEMI, 1Flat(57.5mm), in individual wafer cassettes
PAM2788n–type Si:As[100]6″675P/EOx0.001–0.005SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), Empak cst, backside LTO 0.6um, TTV<3μm, Bow/Warp<15μm
PAM2789n–type Si:P[100]6″675P/EOx0.001–0.002SEMI Prime, 1Flat (57.5mm), with strippable Epi layer Si:P (0.32–0.46)Ohmcm, 3.20±0.16μm thick, Empak cst
PAM2790n–type Si:P[111] ±0.5°6″675P/E1–100SEMI Prime, NO Flats, Empak cst
PAM2791n–type Si:As[100]6″675OxP/EOx0.001–0.005SEMI TEST (spots & minor visual defects), 1Flat (57.5mm), Thermal Oxide 0.1μm±5% thick, Empak cst
PAM2792p–type Si:B[100]6″735P/PFZ >50Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<2μm
PAM2793n–type Si:P[112–5° towards[11–1]] ±0.5°6″800 ±10P/PFZ >3,000SEMI, 1 JEIDA Flat (47.5mm), Empak cst, TTV<4μm, Lifetime>1,000μs
PAM2794n–type Si:P[112–5° towards[11–1]] ±0.5°6″950 ±10P/PFZ >3,000SEMI, 1 JEIDA Flat (47.5mm), Empak cst, TTV<4μm, Lifetime>1,000μs
PAM2795Intrinsic Si:–[100]6″675P/PFZ >10,000SEMI notch Prime, Empak cst
PAM2796p–type Si:B[100]6″675P/P1–5SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Soft cst


For more information, please visit our website: https://www.powerwaywafer.com,
send us email at [email protected] and [email protected]

Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China.  PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices.  PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, range from the first generation Germanium wafer, second generation Gallium Arsenide with substrate growth and epitaxy on III-V silicon doped n-type semiconductor materials based on Ga, Al, In, As and P grown by MBE or MOCVD, to the third generation: Silicon carbide and Gallium Nitride for LED and power device application.

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