1550nm laser diode wafers

PAM XIAMEN offers 1550nm laser diode wafers, which is an epitaxial wafer of a diode laser structure emitting around 1550 nm (on InP substrate), and the wafer dimension can be 2” or 3”. You can fabricate a laser for your application such as output cw power around 10-20 mW.


Layer Material Thickness(nm) Carrier Concentratin
Type Dopant
Contactlayer Ino.sGaAs P  —
Ohmiccontact 1.52Q
P Zn
Ohmiccontact 1.3Q
P  —
Cladding InP P Zn
Etchstop 1.1Q
P  —
Spacer InP P Zn
SubCladding AlInAs
QB [Al,Ga]InyAs
QW [AlxGa]InyAs
SubCladding [Al,Ga]InyAs
Gradedlayer [Al2Ga]InyAs N Si
Cladding InP N Si
Buffer InP Si
Substrate InPSubstrate


Structure2: PAM-200604-LD-1550

Layer Material Thickness(nm) Carrier Concentration(cmr3) Dopant Type
6 InP 20 Zinc P
5 GaIn(x)As 170 Zinc P
4 GaIn(x)As(v)P 30 Zinc P
3 InP 2300 Zinc P
2 AlGaInAs MQW 450 Undoped U/D
  PL 1500~1560nm
1 InP buffer silicon N
  InP substrate


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