6H SiC Wafer

6H SiC Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN can offer 6H SiC wafer with n type or semi-insulating, here we make a brief introduction in two parts:

1.Difference Between 6H and 4H polytype:
1)Commercial resistivity of 6H n type SiC Wafer is (0.02~0.1)ohm.cm, while 4H one is (0.015~0.028)ohm.cm.
2)Stacking sequence of 6H SiC substrate is ABCACB, while 4H one is ABCB
3)Thermal conductivity of 6H semi-insulating SiC wafer is a~460W/mK and c~320W/mk, while 4H one is a~490W/mK and c~390W/mK. For n type SiC, its thermal conductivity, take 4H one as an example, a~420W/mK and c~370W/mK, which is much lower than semi-insulating one, what is why end user choose Semi-insulating SiC as heat sink or other conductivity material.
4)Bank GaP of 6H one is 3.02eV while 4H one is 3.23eV.
5)Hole Mobility of 6H SiC Wafer is 90cm2/V.s while 4H one is~115cm2/V.s
6)Electron mobility of 6H Substrate is ~400cm2/V.s while 4H one is ~800cm2/V.s

2.Specifiaction of 2” 6H SiC Wafer:

Surface orientation(0001), Si side
Off-orientation(0,0 ± 0,5)°
Diameter(50,8 ± 0,38) mm
Nominal thickness(330 ± 25) um
Thickness tolerance (TTV)≤ 10 um
Bow≤ 10 um
Warp≤ 25 um
Roughness of front and back sidesRa < 0,5 nm
Primary flatYes
Primary flat orientation(11-20) ± 5°
Primary flat length(16 ± 1.65) mm
Additional flat Yes
Additional flat length(8 ± 1.65) mm
Packageindividual or multi-unit package EPAK type,

vacuum packing

Additional flat is turned through (90 ± 5)° in reference to the primary flat  c.w. (from the front side)


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