785nm laser diode wafers

785nm laser diode wafers

PAM XIAMEN offers 785nm laser diode wafers grown on GaAs substrate. Specific epi structure please see below:

1. Specifications of 785nm GaAs LD Epi Wafer

No.1 AlAs / AlGaAs LD Epi on GaAs PAM200420-LD

Layer Material Thickness Notes
Layer 7 AlAs  
Layer 6 GaAs  
Layer 5 AlAs  
Layer 4 AlGaAs 150 nm Emitting at 785nm
Layer 3 AlAs  
Layer 2 AlGaAs Emitting at 700 nm
Layer 1 AlAs  
Substrate: GaAs    


No. 2 GaAs-based InAlP / AlGaAs Epitaxial Structure PAM200420-LD

Layer Material Thickness Notes
Layer 7 InAlP  
Layer 6 GaAs  
Layer 5 InAlP  
Layer 4 AlGaAs Emitting at 785nm
Layer 3 InAlP  
Layer 2 AlGaAs Emitting at 700 nm
Layer 1 InAlP 1500 nm  
Substrate: GaAs    


No.3 LD Structure on GaAs Susbtrate

785nm LD structures
P+ GaAs P>5E19, d=0.15μm
P- AlGaAs and undoped AlGaAs d~1.5μm
Undoped AlGaInAs QW PL:770+-5nm
Undoped AlGaAs and N- AlGaAs , d~1.5μm
N GaAs buffer
N GaAs substrate N=(0.4~4)×1018 d=350~625μm (100) 15°off <111>A

2. FAQ 785nm Laser Diode Wafers

Q1:There is typically a shift of a good few nm between the PL (photoluminescence) peak and the typical FP wavelength. Could you advise if that is the case in this GaAs epiwafer too? Do we need to shift the PL peak slightly or have you taken care of that already?
A:The typically shift of laser diode wafer depend on what kind of device and CW or QCW work,out power,normally PL 790-795nm.
Q2: How can we ensure that the device we design based on GaAs LD epitaxial wafer emits at 795, rather than at 790 nm?
A: The actual peak would changes following work condition changes,it depend on what kind of device and CW or QCW work(temperature, power, current, etc.),for instance, if work temperature is higher,the PL is longer,but normally its PL range should be 790nm-795nm.
Q3: We intend to make ridge devices that we will operate QCW a 10% duty cycle at 20 deg C. In that case what PL lasing shift would you expect?
A: PL is not fixed value. Affected factors by work environment, temperature, etc. it should be a range, 790nm-795nm.
You should confirm a PL wavelength, the stand dev. Is +/-3nm, normally laser device wavelength is longer 10-15nm than PL wavelength.
For more information, please contact us email at victorchan@powerwaywafer.com and powerwaymaterial@gmail.com.


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