8″ Silicon Wafer As-cut

8″ Silicon Wafer As-cut

PAM XIAMEN offers 8″Silicon As-cut Wafer

According to the production process, silicon wafers can be divided into as-cut wafer, lapped wafer, etched wafer and polished wafer.The first process of silicon wafer processing is orientation, roll grinding and square cutting. Silicon single crystal directional cutting can be divided into: multi wire cutting and inner circle cutting. So as-cut wafer is the silicon ingot are sliced into wafers but before lapping and polishing, therefore,as-cut wafer surface is extremely rough, non-reflective. Researchers use the as-cut wafers when their research doesn’t require polshed wafers, or foundries just optimized the cost with their advanced lapping and polishing technology, buy as-cut wafer to make lapped wafer or polished wafer by their technology. Please see below silicon as cut wafer as an example:

Silicon wafers, per SEMI
Ro > 1 Ohmcm 
(can be n-type or p-type or simply undoped)
Bothsides AsCut (need not be edge rounded) 
NO Flats
Packed in coinroll of 10 wafers, separated by tissues, sealed in polyethylene foil.

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