850nm and 940nm infrared LED wafer

850nm and 940nm infrared LED wafer

PAM-XIAMEN can offer 850nm and 940nm infrared LED wafer by MOCVD. 850nm and 940nm infrared LED refers to the infrared wavelength with the peak value of 850nm or 940nm, but there is also a small amount of light in the visible light area, so it can also see the weak red light. GaAs-based IR LED wafer structure is introduced as follows:

1. Infrared LED Wafer Structure

1.1 850-870nm LED Wafer Structure


Material Type Thickness(nm) note
AlGaAs P+ 100 ohmiccontact layer
AlGaAs P 6000 P-Cladding
AlGaAs/GaAs undoped 300 Active layer
AlGaAs N 1000 N-Cladding
N-GaAs substrate

Note:It is for 850nm-870nm, and there is no indium in the emission area.


1.2 850nm Infrared LED Wafer Structure


Functional layer-MBUR Material Thickness
Window Layer P-GaP
P-Cladding Layer P-AlInP
P-space P-AlGaInP
Active Layer MQW 0.1μm
N-space N-AlGaInP
N-Cladding Layer N-AlnP
N-Current spreading Layer N-AIGaInP
N-Coarsening Layer N-AIGaInP
N-contact Layer N-GaAs 0.5μm
Etch stop N-AlGaInP 0.3-0.4μm
Substrate N-GaAs
1.3 850nm IR LED Epitaxial Wafer Structure

PAM-210414-850NM-LED (universal)

Structure Thickness
GaP 711A
P AlGaInP 96A
P AlxGaAs
P AlxGaAs 3600A
MQW InGaAs/AlxGaAs
N AlxGaAs 3600A
N AlxGaAs
GaAs 640A


850nm and 940nm infrared LED wafer

850nm and 940nm infrared LED wafer


1.4 940nm Infrared LED Epi Wafer

PAMP21138-940LED (universal)

Structure Thickness(A)
P-AlGaAs ohm 500
P-AlGaAs extension
P-AlGaAs limit
N-AlGaAs limit 3800
N-AlGaAs extension
GaAs Substrate


1.5 AlGaAs/GaAs Epi-wafers MOCVD
Parameter Value
Wave length 850-920 nm
р-layer <= 2um
Doping of р >= 1х1018
Active layer >= 0.2 um
n-layer <= 10 um
Doping of n >= 1х1017
Substrate  GaAs, thickness <= 400um
Optical power >= 5 mW
(@ 20mA)

2. About Infrared LED

The infrared light emitting diode(IRLED) is made of a material with high infrared radiation efficiency (commonly used GaAs) to make a PN junction, and a forward bias is applied to inject current into the PN junction to excite infrared light. The spectral power distribution is center wavelength 830~950nm, half-peak bandwidth is about 40nm. Its biggest advantage is that it can be completely free of red storms. An infrared light-emitting diode generates light with a wavelength slightly longer than the wavelength that the human eye can see. These devices emit light in the near-infrared range, which means they produce light closer to the visible light spectrum than microwaves. Infrared LED lights work similarly to LED lights that produce visible light, although they usually have different power requirements.

3. Applications Infrared LED Wafer

The GaAs-based IR LED wafers are commonly used in electronics and security systems. For security systems of infrared LED wafer fabrication,although the infrared light exceeds the range of visible light of the human eye, the camera can detect infrared light below the visible spectrum, which means that infrared light can illuminate an area so that the camera can clearly see and continue to record the area.


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