8″CZ Prime Silicon Wafer-1

PAM XIAMEN offers 8″CZ Prime Silicon Wafer With Notch

It will be carried out after the silicon ingot is made. A flat angle is cut on the silicon ingot below 200 mm, which is called flat. In order to reduce waste, only a small round hole is cut on 200 mm (including) silicon ingot, which is called notch. After slicing, the wafer is like this.

Why do you do this? In fact, this small gap is too close to the edge and is very small, so it is doomed to be useless in the production of die. This can help the subsequent process to determine the location of wafer. For positioning, it also indicates the crystal orientation of single crystal growth, please see below example:

with Notch

with Notch















8″ Silicon Wafer
Thickness 380±25μm 
SEMI Notch
P type
Resistivity 1-10Ωcm
Double Side Polish 

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