GaN HEMT Epitaxial Wafer

GaN HEMT Epitaxial Wafer

Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) are the next generation of RF power transistor technology.Thanks to GaN technology,PAM-XIAMEN now offer AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on sapphire or Silicon,and AlGaN/GaN on sapphire template.

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Product Description

2″ (50.8mm)GaN HEMT Epitaxial Wafers

We offer 2″(50.8mm) GaN HEMT Wafers, the structure is as follows:

Structure(from top to bottom):

*undoped GaN cap(2~3nm)

AlxGa1-xN (18~40nm)

AlN(buffer layer)

un-doped GaN(2~3um)

Sapphire substrate

* We can use Si3N to replace GaN on the top, the adhesion is strong, it is coated by sputter or PECVD.

AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on sapphire/GaN

Layer ID Layer Name Material Al Content(%) Dopant Thickness(nm)
0 Substrate GaN or Sapphire
1 Nucleation Layer Various,AlN 100 DID
2 Buffer Layer GaN 0 NID 1800
3 Spacer AlN 100 NID 1
4 Schottky Barrier AlGaN 20 or 23 or 26 NID 21

2″(50.8mm),4″ (100mm)AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on Si

1.1Specifications for Aluminium Gallium Nitride (AlGaN) / Gallium Nitride (GaN)   High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)  on Silicon substrate.

Requirements Specification
AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on Si
AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure Refer 1.2
Substrate Material Silicon
Orientation <111>
Growth method Float Zone
Conduction Type P or N
Size (inch) 2”,4”
Thickness(μm) 625
Backside Rough
Resistivity(Ω-cm) >6000
Bow(μm) ≤ ±35

1.2.Epistructure: Crack-free Epilayers

Layer # Composition Thickness X Dopant Carrier Concentration
5 GaN 2nm
4 AlxGa1–xN 8nm 0.26
3 AlN 1nm Un-doped
2 GaN ≥1000 nm Un-doped
1 Buffer/Transition Layer
Substrate Silicon 350µm/625µm

1.3.Electrical Properties of the AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure

2DEG Mobility (at 300 K)                      :≥1,800 cm2/V.s

2DEG Sheet Carrier Density (at 300 K)  :≥0.9×1013 cm-2

RMS Roughness (AFM)                        : ≤ 0.5 nm (5.0 µm × 5.0 µm scan Area)

2″(50.8mm)AlGaN/GaN on sapphire

For specification of AlGaN/GaN on sapphire template, please contact our sales department:

Application: Used in blue laser diodes, ultraviolet LEDs (down to 250 nm), and AlGaN/GaN HEMTs device.

Explanation of AlGaN/Al/GaN HEMTs:

Nitride HEMTs are being intensively developed for high-power electronics in high-frequency amplification and power switching applications. Often high performance in DC operation is lost when the HEMT is switched – for example, the on-current collapses when the gate signal is pulsed. It is thought that such effects are related to charge trapping that masks the effect of the gate on current flow. Field-plates on the source and gate electrodes have been used to manipulate the electric field in the device, mitigating such current-collapse phenomena.

GaN EpitaxialTechnology—-Customized GaN epitaxy on SiC,Si and Sapphire substrate for HEMTs, LEDs:

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