AlGaP/GaAs Epi Wafer for Solar Cell

AlGaP/GaAs Epi Wafer for Solar Cell


Thanks to GaAs tunnel junction technology, we offer epi wafers of single-junction and dual-junction InGaP/GaAs solar cells,with different structures of epitaxial layers  (AlGaAs,InGaP) grown on GaAs for solar cell application.And now we offer a epi wafer structure with InGaP tunnel junction as follows:


  AR coating MgF2/ZnS Au Frount contact  
  n+-GaAs 0.3μm  
n+-AlInP 0.03 μm       <2×1018cm-3(Si) Window
InGaP n+-InGaP 0.05μm       2.0×1018cm-3(Si) n
(Eg=1.88eV) p+-InGaP 0.55μm       1.5×1017cm-3(Zn) p
top cell p+-InGaP 0.03μm       2.0×1018cm-3(Zn) p+
          p+-AlInP 0.03μm        <5×1017cm-3(Zn) BSF,diff.barrier
Tunnel p+-InGaP 0.015μm       8.0×1018cm-3(Zn) TN(p+)
junction n+-InGaP 0.015μm       1.0×1019cm-3(Si) TN(n+)
           n+-AlInP 0.05μm         1.0×1019cm-3(Si) Window,diff.barrier
GaAs  (Eg=1.43 eV)  bottom cell n+-GaAs 0.1μm          2.0×1018cm-3(Si) n
p -GaAs 3.0μm          1.0×1017cm-3(Zn) p
           p+-InGap 0.1μm          2.0×1018cm-3(Zn) BSF
  p+-GaAs 0.3μm          7.0×1018cm-3(Zn)  
  p+-GaAs substrate       <1.0×1019cm-3(Zn) substrate
  Back contact  

Note:LEDs, LASERs and Multi-junction Solar Cells can all employ tunnel junctions to improve performance. Calculating the effects of this junction is tricky, but there are ways to accurately simulate chip characteristics and cost-effectively optimize the structure’s design.




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