AlN Single Crystal Substrate& Template-3

AlN Single Crystal Substrate& Template-3

PAM XIAMEN offers high-quality AlN Single Crystal Substrate& Template.

AlN Ceramic Substrates

AlN ceramic substrates are fabricated by tape casting technology. Its thermal conductivity is 4-5 times higher than Al2O3. It is an ideal substrate for electronic thick and thin film applications.

                                                                            Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrates Properties
Item No.AlN-140AlN-170AlN-180AN5113AN5116
Purity (wt%)0.990.990.990.980.99
Density (g/cm3)3.243.313.31>3.25>3.26
Thermal Conductivity
 (W/m. K)
Thermal Expansion 
< 5.64.4< 5.6<4.3<4.2
Dielectric Strength (Kv/mm)>=25>=15>20>15>15
Dielectric Constant
 (at 1MHZ)
Loss Tangent
 (x104@1 MHz)
Volume Resistivity
Flexural Strength 
35.7>35.7> 30.6>25>30
Surface Roughness (micron) in Ra as polished: 0.05 um or 2 microinch in Raas polished: 0.1 um or 4 microinch in Raas fired: 0.3 
as lapped: 0.075 
as polished: 0.025
as fired: 0.3 
as lapped: 0.075
as polished: 0.025

AlN Ceramic Substrate 1″x1″x 0.5mm, 1SP
AlN Ceramic Substrate 10x10x 0.5mm, 1SP – ALN-101005s1
AlN Ceramic Substrate 114.3mm x114.3mm x 0.5mm, as lapped on both sides,
AlN Ceramic Substrate 2″x2″x 0.5mm, 2SP
AlN Ceramic Substrate 2″x2″x 1.0 mm, as lapping
AlN Ceramic Substrate 2″x2″x0.254mm, as lapped, 5 sheets/pack
0.04” Thick Graphite Substrate for RTP Furnace’s Sample Holder, 3” or 5” O.D Selectable – EQ-G-Holder
3” Dia x 0.025” Thick Aluminum Nitride Substrate for RTP Furnace’s Sample Holder – EQ-AIN-Holder

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