Analog Multi-channel Analyzer

Analog Multi-channel Analyzer

AMCA-01 is an analog multi-channel equipment which used for energy spectrum analyze for variety of radiations detectors. Added with upper computer software, it can collect analog energy spectral signal, drawing energy spectrum and analyzing it, and counting full energy peak resolution. The software also integrates ROI selection, energy calibration data storage and other functions.

Analog multi-channel analyzer

1. Specification of Analog Multi-channel Analyzer

Voltage DC+5V
Power dissipation 1.25W
Operation temperature -20℃-+40℃
Input signal amplitude 0~4V
Input signal type Gaussian signal
Input signal frequency 0~100kHz
Input signal time peak 0.5~5us
Maximum integral nonlinearity (INL) 2.5LSB
Total Harmonic distortion (TDH) -100dB
Communication interface USB2.0 TCP/IP
Output address range 4096
Dimension 105×70×30mm3
Weight 423g


2. Analog Multi-channel Analyzer Spectrum

3. Features of Analog Analyzer with Multi-channel

Portable, user friendly
Wide frequency response range
High linearity
Low noise

4. Analog Multi-channel Analyzer Applications

Nuclear science and technology
Energy spectrum detection
Environmental monitoring

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