Black Phosphorus – 2D crystal

Black Phosphorus – 2D crystal

PAM XIAMEN offers Black Phosphorus – 2D crystal.

Black Phosphorus Crystal,(2-2.5) mm x (2-2.5) mm x 0.1 mm, as grown

Black Phosphorus is a semiconductor with a band gap of around 0.3 eV. The layers are stacked together via van der Waals interactions. A few-layer black phosphorus can be obtained by mechanically cleaving

Crystal:                 Black Phosphorus ( single crystal )
Lattice Constant:    a =  3.32 Å, b =  10.52 Å, c =  4.39 Å
Purity:                   > 4N
Appearance         : silver grey
Size:                    (2-2.5) mm x (2-2.5) mm x 0.1 mm , as grown ( no accurate dimension )
Packing:               Vaccum sealed in a plastic box

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