Boron Nitride Film on Silicon Wafer

Boron Nitride Film on Silicon Wafer

PAM XIAMEN offers Boron Nitride Film on Silicon Wafer.

Boron Nitride Film on Silicon Wafer , 24 nm / 4″ — BN-Si-100-24nm

Boron nitride is a chemical compound with chemical formula BN, consisting of equal numbers of boron and nitrogen atoms. BN is isoelectronic to a similarly structured carbon lattice and thus exists in various crystalline forms. The Cubic (sphalerite structure) bariety analogous to diamond is called c-BN. Its hardness is inferior only to diamond, but its thermal and chemical stability is superior. Low-pressure deposition of thin films of boron nitride are grown on Si (100) wafers for this product.

BN Film coated by sputtering method
BN Thickness:  24 nm +/- 10%
Silicon Wafer Specifications:

Conductive type:        Si   n- type
Resistivity:                  0.1-1.0 ohm-cm
Size:                          4″ diameter +/- 0.5 mm   x 0.525 +/- 0.025 mmth
Orientation:                (100) +/- 0.5o
Polish:                        One  sides  polished
Surface roughness:     Prime

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