Bulk GaN Crystals Grown by HVPE

Bulk GaN Crystal Grown by HVPE

We succeeded in preparing very thick c-plane bulk gallium nitride (GaN) crystals grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy. Growth of the bulk GaN crystals was performed on templates with 3 μm GaN layer grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition on (0 0 0 1) sapphire substrates. Colorless freestanding bulk GaN crystals were obtained through self-separation processes. The crystal’s diameter and thickness were about 52 and 5.8 mm, respectively. No surface pits were observed within an area of 46 mm diameter of the bulk GaN crystal. The dislocation density decreased with growth direction (from N-face side to Ga-face side) and ranged from 5.1×10^6 cm−2 near the N-face surface to 1.2×10^6 cm−2 near the Ga-face. A major impurity was Si, and other impurities (O, C, Cl, H, Fe, Ni and Cr) were near or below the detection limits by SIMS measurements.

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