Silicon PN Junction Wafer

The PN junction material has a single conductivity, which is a characteristic utilized by many devices in electronic technology, such as semiconductor diodes and bipolar transistors. PAM-XIAMEN can offer silicon PN junction wafers. Here we just list a specific epitaxial structure of photodiode application for your reference. More silicon epitaxial wafers please refer to 1. Silicon [...]

Silicon Diode Wafer

Silicon transient voltage suppressor (TVS) is one of silicon diodes, and has extremely fast response speed (less than 1ns) and relatively high surge current absorption ability, and can be used to protect equipment or circuits, even integrated circuits, MOS devices, hybrid circuits, and other voltage sensitive semiconductor devices from transient overvoltage generated [...]

Highly Doped Silicon Wafer

Pure silicon is more like an insulator than a conductor, and when external forces are applied (such as applied voltage), it has no ability to change its conductive state. So other elements must be doped into silicon, and the two most important dopants are boron (B) and phosphorus (P). PAM-XIAMEN can supply CZ grown [...]

Silicon Wafer for Wafer Bonding

Silicon wafer bonding technology refers to the method of tightly combining silicon wafers with silicon wafers, silicon wafers with glass or other materials through chemical and physical interactions. Silicon wafer bonding is often combined with surface silicon processing and bulk silicon processing, and is used in MEMS machining processes. [...]

Quantum Cascade Laser Wafer

The hetero epitaxial materials used to make quantum cascade laser (QCL) are mainly InP based GaInAs/AlInAs material system, GaAs based GaAs/AlGaAs material system and antimonide material system. PAM-XIAMEN can provide InP based quantum cascade lasers thin film, as follows: 1. InGaAs/InAlAs/InP for Quantum Cascade Laser Diode PAM210906 – QCL No. 1 InP Hetero [...]

1460nm Pump Laser Diode Wafer

Quaternary direct bandgap compound materials, such as InGaAsP and AlGaInAs, can be grown on InP substrate, which are lattice match with InP. At present, in various fields, researchers have designed semiconductor lasers, optical amplifiers, detectors, etc., using these two types of materials grow on InP substrate. For optical amplifiers, high power 1460nm semiconductor [...]

PCSEL (Photonic Crystal Surface-Emitting Laser) Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN is able to supply epitaxial growth service for photonic crystal surface emitting laser (PCSEL), take the following epi structure for example. Also, we can do customized structure growth of PCSEL laser at any wavelength to meet your application needs. Photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers are an integration of vertical cavity surface [...]

InP-based Single Photon Detector (SPD) Heterostructure

For single photon detection technology, in addition to the traditional InP/InGaAs SPAD, new material systems such as low noise material systems constructed from Sb based digital alloys, multi multiplication InP/InGaAs SPAD using ionization engineering, and InAlAs/InGaAs SPAD have also been developed. PAM-XIAMEN can provide InP based InGaAs / InAlAs epitaxial [...]

Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer

PAM-MCA-01 digital multi-channel analyzer is integrated a low noise amplifier, digital multi-channel analyzer and software. It has the advantages of high performance, compact and high pulse analyzing rate for scintillator detector and semiconductor. Please refer to table below for specific parameters: 1. Specification of Digital Multi-channel Analyzer Dimension 120*70*18 mm3 Weight 200g Voltage DC +5V Power Consumption 1.25W Rise [...]

CZT Portable Radionuclide Recognizer

PAM-NIS CZT radionuclide recognizer is compact and portable with following advantages: 1) The energy resolution is less than 1.8% at 662keV, which is higher than scintillator detectors; 2) The detector size is smaller than Ge detector, working at room temperature without cooling; 3) It can be recharged more than 10000 times with [...]