Gallium Arsenide Single Crystal Growth Process: LEC, VB, VGF

Gallium arsenide single crystal growth process of PAM-XIAMEN products is liquid-sealed straight pull method (LEC), vertical Bridgman method (VB), or vertical gradient solidification (VGF), which are current mainstream industrial growth processes. Here is a brief introduction for the gallium arsenide single crystal growth process. 1. LEC for Gallium Arsenide Single Crystal Growth The [...]

GaAs Substrate for LED with Silicon Dopant

The GaAs substrate (gallium arsenide substrate) doped with silicon, grown by VGF, is available from GaAs substrate supplier – PAM XIAMEN, which is for fabricating LED (light-emitting diodes). GaAs is zinc blende crystal structure. The GaAs substrate orentation is (100)150± 0.50 off toward (111)A with a thickness of 350±20µm. The core [...]

Metallized Diamond Heat Sink

PAM-XIAMEN can offer metallized diamond heat sink for solving the poor bonding force between diamond and the matrix and the early falls of the diamond due to high interface energy with most metals, ceramics, etc. A metallized diamond heat sink compound refers to plating metal on the diamond surface to reduce [...]

What Is A Gallium Nitride Fast Charger?

Since more and more mobile phone manufacturers launch the gallium nitride fast charger, what is a GaN fast charger? A gallium nitride charger is that the core device of such a fast charger for smartphones, laptops and etc. adopts GaN FETs chip, which can be offered by PAM-XIAMEN. The gallium nitride chargers have the [...]

Silicon Epitaxy Growth with Boron Dopant by VPE

Silicon epitaxy with Boron dopant in size 200mm from PAM-XIAMEN is available for semiconductor device fabrication. Silicon epitaxy growth is a surface treatment process for silicon wafers, which means that a single crystal film is superimposed on the polished wafer by chemical reaction or other means, and the film layer [...]

4 Inch SiC Epi Wafer

As one of leading SiC epi wafer suppliers, PAM-XIAMEN offers SiC epi wafer, and the SiC epi wafers type includes N type and P type. The SiC epi wafer thickness from 1um to 250um can be produced, and the silicon carbide epi wafer prices are competitive. What is SiC [...]

4H SiC Epitaxial Wafers

PAM-XIAMEN, a leading SiC epitaxial wafer manufacturer, can offer 4H SiC epitaxial wafers, which refer to a single crystal film(epitaxial layer) with certain requirements and the same crystal growing on a silicon carbide substrate. The SiC epitaxial wafer market size is 4 and 6 inch. In practical applications, the [...]

What Are Semiconductors?

Most of today’s electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones, or digital tape recorders, have a very close connection with semiconductors. So, what is a semiconductor? The semiconductor definition can be illustrated from different perspectives. Firstly, let’s know what are the semiconductor materials. Please see the table of common semiconductor materials below:Type Group MaterialSimple substance/Element semiconductorSi, Ge, SeBinary compound semiconductor III-V [...]

5G Semiconductor Manufacturers

As one of 5G semiconductor manufacturers, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd. can offer compound semiconductor materials with unique advantages in the physical properties, and the 5g compound semiconductor market of PAM-XIAMEN is enlarging. The semiconductor materials have experienced three stages of development:the first stage is group IV semiconductors represented by silicon [...]

A Super Heat Dissipation Material–Diamond Material

Today, among the existing semiconductor materials, diamond is one of the most promising semiconductor materials. Usually, it is used as diamond thermal management material. The article will mainly discuss the diamond from 3 parts: what is diamond, diamond material properties and its applications. 1. What Is Diamond? Diamond has been discovered by mankind [...]