Study on A General Method for Polishing SiC Wafers to Atomic Level Flatness

Silicon carbide (SiC) is crucial for the growth of graphene as a substrate material for epitaxial graphene. PAM-XIAMEN can offer SiC substrate for graphene growth, specification as Graphene grown on different crystal planes of SiC has different electronic properties. Therefore, selecting SiC substrates with different crystal planes to grow [...]

Research on Compensation Effect in Al Doped P-Type 4H-SiC By PVT

PAM-XIAMEN is able to supply you with P type SiC substrate, more specifications please see: SiC single crystal has the characteristics of wide bandgap, high critical breakdown electric field, high thermal conductivity, high carrier saturation drift speed, and good stability. Among the numerous crystal forms of SiC, 4H-SiC has [...]

Study on AlN Single Crystal Grown on AlN Seed Crystal

Single crystal AlN substrate can be provided with specifications as found in AlN single crystal is the direct bandgap semiconductor material with the largest bandgap width (6.2 eV), which has excellent characteristics such as extremely high breakdown field strength, excellent thermal conductivity, stable physical and chemical properties. Moreover, AlN single [...]

4H-SiC PVT Growth: Achieving Crystal Structure Growth Stability

PAM-XIAMEN can supply you with 4H-SiC wafers fitting your demands, specifications as found in The control of a single crystal form during the growth process of SiC crystals is a complex problem, involving the selection of multiple growth parameters and the optimization of temperature field structure, and the parameters are [...]

Effect of Nitrogen Doping on Czochralski Monocrystalline Silicon

PAM-XIAMEN is able to supply nitrogen (N) doped silicon wafers, specifications please refer to: The doping of nitrogen as an impurity into silicon crystals not only has a beneficial effect on the performance of silicon wafers, but also has an important impact on the physical and electrical properties of silicon [...]

Study on Dopants and Compensation of AlN

PAM-XIAMEN can supply AlN single crystal substrate, additional specification please refer to The main n-type AlN candidate dopants are oxygen (O) and silicon (Si), while for p-type AlN, they are magnesium (Mg) and beryllium (Be). So far, the success rate of Mg and O doping has been very low. [...]

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Performance of Silicon Single Crystals

PAM-XIAMEN is able to offer you high-performance silicon wafers, additional wafer information you can find in Heat treatment refers to the heat treatment of silicon single crystals (or silicon wafers) for a certain period of time at a certain temperature and protective atmosphere, with the aim of improving their [...]

Reducing Surface Pits of 4H-SiC Epiwafer

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC epitaxial wafers, more wafer specifications please read: Although SiC epitaxial wafers exhibit excellent characteristics in high-voltage and high current devices, there are still several types of defects that have a negative impact on the electrical performance of SiC devices. Among them, surface pits have an impact [...]

4H-SiC Subsurface Damage

Semiconductor silicon carbide (4H SiC) has excellent properties such as wide bandgap, high breakdown field strength, high electron mobility, high thermal conductivity, and good chemical stability. It has demonstrated important application potential in fields such as power electronics, radio frequency microwave, and quantum information. The 4H-SiC substrate is the [...]

Influence of Seed Crystal on SiC Crystal Growth

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC seed crystal for single crystal growth, specific parameters can be found in: Seed crystals have a significant influence on the initial nucleation of crystals. The surface morphology of the crystal nucleation stage can to some extent reflect the rich information of crystal growth mechanism and crystal defect distribution, and [...]