PAM XIAMEN offers ZnO Zinc Oxide Crystal Substrates.                                                              Main Parameters Crystal structure Hexagonal Lattice parameters a=3.252Å    c=5.313 Å Density 5.7 g/cm3 Hardness 4(Mohs) Melting point 1975℃ Thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) 6.5 x [...]


PAM XIAMEN offers YVO4 Undoped Yttrium Orthovanadate Crystals. UNDOPED YVO4 IS AN EXCELLENT NEWLY DEVELOPED BIREFRINGENCE OPTICAL CRYSTAL. It has very good transmission in a wide wavelength range from visible to infrared. It has large index of refractivity and birefringence difference. Compared with other important birefringence crystals, YVO4 has higher. hardness, better fabrication property, water [...]


PAM XIAMEN offers Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Single Crystals Substrate. Main Parameters Crystal structure M3 Unit cell constant a=5.147 Å Melt point(℃) 2700 Density(g/cm3) 6 Hardness 8-8.5(mohs) Purity 99.99% Thermal expansion(/℃) 10.3×10-6 Dielectric constants ε=27 Growth method arcs Size 10×3,10×5,10×10,15×15,,20×15,20×20 dia2” x 0.33mm dia2” x 0.43mm 15 x 15 mm Thickness 0.5mm,1.0mm Polishing Single or double Crystal orientation <001>±0.5º redirection precision ±0.5° Redirection the edge: 2°(special in 1°) Angle of crystalline Special size and orientation are available upon request Ra: ≤5Å(5µm×5µm) For more information, please visit [...]

silicon ingot with FZ Intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime more than 1000Ωcm

PAM-XIAMEN offers silicon ingot with FZ Intrinsic undoped, MCC lifetime (Minority Charge Carrier Lifetime) more than 1000Ωcm. An intrinsic(pure) semiconductor, also called an undoped semiconductor or i-type semiconductor, is a pure semiconductor without any significant dopant species present. The number of charge carriers is therefore determined by the properties of the material itself [...]

YAG Crystals-3

PAM XIAMEN offers Yb YAG Ytterbium (Yb) doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser Crystal. Ytterbium – Yb:YAG is a very promising laser crystal and is more suitable for diode-pumping than the commonly used Nd-doped YAG crystals. Compared with the traditional Nd:YAG crystal, Yb:YAG crystal has a much wider absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal [...]

YAG Crystals-2

PAM XIAMEN offers YAG Er Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser Crystal. PAM XIAMEN can supply a wide range of Er:YAG, Er doped Yttrium aluminium garnet single crystals and epi-ready crystal substrates to meet customer’s specific requirements. Specifications:  Crystal structure: cubic Lattice parameters: 12.01 Å Orientations available: <111> or <100> crystalline within 5° Melt point: 1970λC Hardness mohs: 8.5 Density: 4.56±0.04 g/cm3 Specific heat: 0.59 J/g.cm3 Young [...]

YAG Crystals-1

PAM XIAMEN offers Nd YAG Nd Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser Crystal. Main Specifications dimensional tolerance: Dia:< +/-0.025 mm ,length: < +/-0.5 mm flatness: λ/8 @633nm Surface fineness: 10/5 flatness: 20 arc sec. verticality: 5 arc min orientation: <111> crystalline direction,< +/-0.5° coating film: AR coating, HR Coating reflect: R<0.2%@1064, HR:R>99.8%@1064,R<5%@808nm, clear aperture: >95% central area wavefront distortion: <7mm diameter : <λ/8 per inch @ 633nm, 7mm diameter : <λ/10per inch @ 633nm Publications related to YAG laser crystals:  [1] J. E. Geusic et al., “Laser oscillations in Nd-doped yttrium aluminum, yttrium gallium and gadolinium garnets”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 4 (10), 182 (1964) [2] D. Y. Shen et al., “Highly efficient in-band pumped Er:YAG laser with 60 W of output at [...]


PAM XIAMEN offers Titanium Oxide TiO2 Crystal Substrates. Main Parameters Crystal structure Tetragonal, Rutile Unit cell constant a=4.5936Å    c=2.9582 Å Density 4.26 (g/cm3) Melting point 1870 ℃ Dielectric constants dη/dT: a: -0.72×10­^-6/k, c: -0.42×10^-6/k Linear expansion coefficient 7.14 x 10-6 /℃ along a axis 9.19 x 10-6 /℃ along c axis Hardness 7 (mohs) Polishing Single or double side polished Size 5×5×10mm, 5×10×10mm, 10×10×0.5mm, other sizes are available upon request For [...]


PAM XIAMEN offers TeO2 Tellurium Dioxide Crystals. Tellurium Dioxide, TeO2 is an excellent ascousto-optic (AO) crystal with high AO figure of merit, birefringence, good optical rotation and slow propagation velocity along [110] direction. The resolution of AO devices made of TeO2 crystals will increase several levels than others. It is [...]