CZT and MCT crystal

CZT and MCT crystal

PAM XIAMEN offers CZT and MCT crystal.

CZT and MCT crystal are new semiconductors which enables effective conversion of radiation to electron. The technology will reform radiography and radiation measurement in medical and industrial areas. We both provides the standard substrate , CZT and MCT crystal for research and industrial use on-line, and manufactures detector grade Schottky components upon customer request.

1. CZT Substrates

CdTe doped with Zn, P type , (CZT ) (111) 10x10x 1.0mm,2sp
CdZnTe (111) P type, 10x5x1.0mm 2sp
CdZnTe (111) P type, 5x5x0.5mm 1sp
CdZnTe (111) P type, 5x5x1.0mm 2sp
CdZnTe (111)B, with Zn concentration around 14% , P type, 10.5×10.5×1.0mm 1sp R:>1E6

2. FAQ of CZT Wafer

Q:I would like to purchase several CdZnTe crystals with the size of 5mm*5mm*2mm. Could you please provide I-V curve to me in advance so that I can obtain the resistivity of CdZnTe crystals to make sure whether the CdZnTe crystals satisfy my experiments?

A:I-V curve of CdZnTe crystal is available. If need, please contact our sales team


3/please kindly note we can offer czt crystal with electrodes.


For more information, please contact us email at and

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