Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier Chip

Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier Chip

PAM-01C is a low noise and high gain charge sensitive preamplifier. It can be used as a key part for semiconductor detector, such as CZT and Si, and other detecting signal readout.

Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier Chip

1. Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier Chip Specifications Comparison

Brands (PAM-01C) Gremat(PAM-110)
Dimensions 24×15×3 mm3 22.7×21×3.4 mm3
Weight 5g 2.5g
Power <0.3W 0.66W
Powered by ±12V ±12V
Operation temperature -20℃-+40℃ -20℃-+40℃
Equivalent noise level ENC:180e- ENC:260e-
Falling edge time 250-400us 150-200us
Gain G=5mv/fc G=3.4mv/fc
Input charge range <2000fc <2941fc


Operating principle









Added with bias high voltage, the CZT crystal would generate an inner electric field. An incident ray of X/γ-ray generate electron-hole pairs. Under the influence of the electric field, those pairs drifting to two poles. And then induced charges generated in relative poles. Then the low noise charge sensitive preamplifier circuit converts those charges into exponential decay pulse signal.

2. Features of Charge Sensitive Preamp Chip

High gain
Low noise
Changeable Interface

3. Preamplifier Chip Applications

Semiconductor signal readout
X-ray detecting


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