PAM XIAMEN offers Cesium iodide crystals.

Cesium iodide crystals include three different types:  CsI(Tl), CsI(Na) and pure CsI.

CsI(Tl) is the most popular alkali halide scintillation crystal apart from NaI(Tl). Light output: 45% in NaI(Tl).  Its emission spectrum has a broad band at 350-700nm and a peak at 550nm. Its emission spectrum can match well with SPD so that the read out system can be simplified. Its decay time is dependent on the ionization capacity of a particle, it is suitable to detect heavy charged particles under strong X-ray background.

CsI(Na) is similar to that of NaI(Tl) crystals, its emission spectrum peaked at 420nm which matches with PMT. It is less sensitive to temperature, therefore can be applied in high temperature and outer space environment. Its drawback is it fast luminescence decrease in the low energy (less than 20 KeV) range, and it is more hygroscopicity compared to CsI(Tl).

Pure CsI crystal is the least hygroscopic. Its emission consists of the fast intrinsic luminescence (10 ns) peacked around 305 nm and a slow component (100-4000ns) around 350-600nm. The fast/slow ratio can reach four when controlled carefully. The total light output is as large as 4-5% of NaI:Tl.

We can customize CsI(Tl) at both linear and  2D arrays with pixel sizes as small as 0.3×0.3×0.3mm.

Physical Properties

Properties CsI(Tl) CsI:Na CsI
Density(g.cm-3 4.53 4.51 4.51
Radiation length(cm) 1.86 1.86 2.43
Decay constant(us) 1 0.63 16
Emission peak(nm) 550 420 315
Light yield(%NaI:Tl) 47 85 43561
Melting point(°C) 621 621 621
Hardness(Mho) 2 2 2
refractive Index 1.78 1.84 1.95
Hygroscopicity slightly Yes Slightly
Cleavage none none none

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