CZT α-ray Probe

CZT α-ray Probe

PAM-01A1 series detectors are charged particles detector based on planar CZT crystal in a super small size. They have a high energy resolution in vacuum environment.

PAM-01A1 integrated custxomized CZT crystal and low noise charge sensitive preamplifier circuit. It can convert α-ray into exponential decay signals. With five-pin cable, high and low power supply, main amplifier,those signals will be direct into multi-channel pulse analyzer and then the energy spectrum will be formed.

CZT α-ray Probe

1. CZT α-ray Probe Specification

Power 0.3W
Powered by ±12W
Output impedance 50Ω
Operating temperature -20℃~40℃ (standard) / -20℃~70℃ (customized)
High-voltage input DC + 80V ~ 100V
Effective window area Φ25mm
Signal output exponential decay signal Tr<150ns
Interface Five-pin plug
Energy resolution <1%@5.48MeV @ room temperature
8 hours peak drift <0.2%


2. CdZnTe α-ray Probe Spectrum

3. Features of CZT α-ray Detector

High energy resolution
Room temperature working;
Quick response
Working under visible light

4. Applications of CZT Probe with α-ray

Nuclear science & technology
Aerosol measurement
Hydrogen measurement

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