CZT Compton Imaging Detector

CZT Compton Imaging Detector

PAM-PA03 series are pixel electrode structured detectors based on CZT crystal.

CZT Compton Imaging Detector

1. CZT Compton Imaging Detector Specification

Material CdZnTe
Density 5.8g/cm3
Volume resistivity >1010Ω.cm
Dimension 22.0×22.0 mm2
Thickness 15.0mm
Pixel size 1.38×1.38 mm2
Pixel center space 1.88mm
Pixel array 11×11
Electrode material Au
Operation temperature 25℃-+40℃
Energy range 60KeV~2.6MeV
Energy resolution(22℃) Average pixel <5%@662KeV
Storage temperture 10℃~40℃
Storage humidity 20%-80%


2. Spectrum of CZT Compton Imager

3. Features Compton Imaging Detector Based on CZT Crystal 

Long-time stability
High energy resolution
High space resolution
High detection efficiency
Room temperature working

4. CZT Compton Imaging Detector Applications

Homeland safety
Nuclear science and technology
Portable imaging probe

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