CZT High-Density Pixel Detector

CZT High-Density Pixel Detector

PAM-PA04 series detectors are high density pixel array detector based on CZT crystal. they can counting high-dose X-ray and imaging.

CZT High-Density Pixel Detector

1. CZT High-Density Pixel Detector Specification

Material CdZnTe
Density 5.8g/cm3
Volume resistivity >1010Ω.cm
Dimension >10.0×10.0mm2
Thickness >0.7mm
Pixel size <70um
Single Pixel leakage current <0.01nA@100V
The maximum counting rate of linear region >100Mcps/mm2
Electrode material Au
Operation temperature 20℃~40℃
Storage temperture 10℃~40℃
Storage humidity 20%-80%


2. Features of CZT Pixel Detector with High Density 

* Room-temperature working
* Long-term Stability
* High sensitivity
* High dose linearity
* Low relaxation time

3. Applications of CZT High Density Pixel Array Detector

* Medical CT
* Defect detection


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