CZT Multi-Pixel Photon Counting Module

CZT Multi-Pixel Photon Counting Module

MPC-32 is a multi-pixel photon counting module. It can convert consecutive X-ray into digital signal in different energy region. It can reduce noise through setting electronic threshold value, thereafter reduce the influence of noise to image. Compared with traditional pseudo-dual energy, the five energy regions can be readout simultaneously and differently. They are highly accuracy.


Power dissipation 150mW/module
Power supply DC:2.5 ~ 5V
Operation temperature +25 ~ +35℃
High-voltage DC:-450V ~ -600V
Crystal type 16.7*4.4*2.0mm3 Linear array CZT detector
Signal output SPI
Energy range 20KeV ~160KeV
Time of peak 100ns
Splice length Customized according to requests
Pixel size 1mm,Customized available
Counting rate ≥1.0Mcps/pixel(30℃)
Sampling frame rate ≤2000FPS
Energy areas 1~5 energy areas
Dimension 70×33.4×17 mm3/module


Image Sample







Dedicated ASIC
Room temperature working
Multi energy area
Free splicing

Defect detection
Security Screening
Food safety detecting

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