CZT Pixilated Detector

CZT Pixilated Detector

In contrast to indirect semiconductor detectors, CZT provides ‘direct’ solid-state technology. The CZT semiconductor is a pixilated array with an effective Z of 50 and a density of 5.8 g/cm3. Gamma rays enter the CZT semiconductor detector and are directly converted to electron hole pairs. These charges (electrons and holes) then drift towards positive and negative electrodes, respectively, inducing electrical output signals.If you have any special requirements, contact us and the R&D engineer can design it.








1.Specifications of CZT Pixilated Detector

Application SPECT、γ Camera X-ray imaging
Operating temperature range                                                    -20℃ ~ 40℃
Typical energy resolution <6.5%@59.5 KeV,             <x%@122keV   ——
Count rate  —— >200k cps/pixel
Typical matrix Area array detector Area array detector
8×8 , 4×4 8×8 , 4×4
Linear array detector Linear array detector
1×16, 1×32 1×16, 1×32
The maximum dimensions of crystal                                   10x10x5mm3,  max. 40×40×5 mm3

2. CZT Pixilated Detector Size

Main parameter and structure








3. Electronic board Size of CZT Pixilated Detector







4. Definition of 8×8 Pixel detectors’ connector(CZT 8×8 Layout)

4.1  The correlation of pins which are on PCB board and Pixels of detector:










4.2  The definition of Pins and PCB:










4.3  The connector serves only as a channel for the signal flowing from the detector to your ASIC or your processing electronics.

4.4  Channels from CH65 to CH80 are invalid for the detector

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