CZT Preamplifier

CZT Preamplifier

PAM-XIAMEN offers CZT Preamplifier.

CZT Preamplifier


PAMMA-01A is a single channel CZT preamplifier. It featured low noise, high gain and charge sensitivity. Signals of semiconductor detectors and other detectors (scintillator, gas, etc.) could be readout by it. It can be used to test the energy spectrum of zinc cadmium telluride (CZT), silicon (Si)
semiconductor and other detectors. Compared with other similar products, it has advantages of high sensitivity, low noise, and user friendly. It can provide high bias voltage indirectly. Working with the NIM instrument, it can test energy spectrum of detectors in various sizes conveniently.


1.Specification of CZT Preamplifier

Power Consumption<0.43W
Output Resistance50 Ω
Equivalent NoiseENC:130e
Working Temperature20℃~+40℃
Falling edge time250 ~ 400μs
Input charge range<1000fc

2.Spectrum of CZT Preamplifie

Spectrum of CZT Preamplifier

Spectrum of CZT Preamplifier








3.Features of CZT Preamplifier

Portable, user friendly

High sensitivity

Flexible interface

Low noise








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