CZT Preamplifier

CZT Preamplifier

PAM-XIAMEN offers CZT Preamplifier.

CZT Preamplifier


PAMMA-01A is a single channel CZT preamplifier. It featured low noise, high gain and charge sensitivity. Signals of semiconductor detectors and other detectors (scintillator, gas, etc.) could be readout by it. Charge sensitive pre-amplifier can be used to test the energy spectrum of zinc cadmium telluride (CZT), silicon (Si) semiconductor and other detectors. Compared with other similar products, it has advantages of high sensitivity, low noise, and user friendly. It can provide high bias voltage indirectly. Working with the NIM instrument, it can test energy spectrum of detectors in various sizes conveniently.

1. Specification of CZT Preamplifier

Power Consumption <0.43W
Power ±12V
Output Resistance 50 Ω
Equivalent Noise ENC:130e
Working Temperature 20℃~+40℃
Falling edge time 250 ~ 400μs
Input charge range <1000fc
Gain G=10mv/fc
Dimension 100×76×44mm3
Weight 265g

2. Spectrum of CZT Pre Amplifier

Spectrum of CZT Preamplifier

Spectrum of CZT Preamplifier








3. Features of CZT Preamp

Portable, user friendly

High sensitivity

Flexible interface

Low noise

4. FAQ about CZT Electronic Amplifier

Q1: Looking at document about CZT preamp we see that the detector has a configuration with AC coupling.

Can you better explain how the single pixel layout is?

In particular if one side G (cathode?) is grounded and other side S is the detector input to CSP?

A: For 5*5*2mm CZT, one side G is grounded, and other side S is connected to HV , you can get the signal from side S with AC coupling. In other words ,HV and the signal pin are the same pin(side S).

For the linear array detector, HV and the signal pin are separated.

Q2: For the linear array detector do you mean that one pole is connected to HV, and the other pole is connected to signal to the CSP?

I suppose the HV side is the one exposed to x-rays?

A: Yes. For the linear array detector, one pole is connected to HV, and the other pole (every pixel) is connected to signal to the CSP, and the HV side is the one exposed to x-rays

Q3: Can you please anticipate a typical current density value and Americium spectrum that you expect to obtain during testing?

Another question, can you please confirm which type of connector will the detector assembly use?

A: The detector and the connector are assembled; the connector type is CLE-121-01-G-DV-A.

Current density: ~25nA/cm2, Americium test: ~7%







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