CZT Probe-2

CZT Probe-2

PAM-01A series are planar CZT crystal based detector which is super small. With high sensitive CZT crystal and low noise charge sensitive amplifier built in, they can detect energy spectrum of X-ray and low energy γ-ray in a high resolution.

Cooperated with ordered LEMO cable and NIM machine, it will be very easy to detecting low energy spectrum for laboratory.

01A CZT probe

1. Specification of Planar CZT Crystal Based Detector

Dimension Φ17×79mm
Power 0.3W
Powered by ±12V
High voltage input +300V
Operating temperature -20℃~40℃
Crystal type Planar CZT detector 5*5*2mm3
Interface LEMO Five-pin plug
Energy range 10KeV(Beryllium window)~150KeV for energy spectrum measurement
30KeV~1.5MeV for doses measurement
Energy resolution <6.5%[email protected],25℃
Remarks Customized available


2. CZT Probe Spectrum

3. Features of CdZnTe Probe

Portable & user friendly
Room temperature working
High energy resolution
Quick response
Long-time stability
Low noise

4. CdZnTe Probe Applications

Homeland security
Energy spectrum detecting
Nuclear science and research
Defect detection
Food safety detecting
Environment monitoring


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