Determination of the thickness distribution of a graphene layer grown on a 2″ SiC wafer by means of


•The thickness of graphene grown on SiC was determined by AES depth profiling.

•The AES depth profiling verified the presence of buffer layer on SiC.

•The presence of unsaturated Si bonds in the buffer layer has been shown.

•Using multipoint analysis thickness distribution of the graphene on the wafer was determined.

Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) depth profiling was applied for determination of the thickness of a macroscopic size graphene sheet grown on 2 in. 6H-SiC (0 0 0 1) by sublimation epitaxy. The measured depth profile deviated from the expected exponential form showing the presence of an additional, buffer layer. The measured depth profile was compared to the simulated one which allowed the derivation of the thicknesses of the graphene and buffer layers and the Si concentration of buffer layer. It has been shown that the graphene-like buffer layer contains about 30% unsaturated Si. The depth profiling was carried out in several points (diameter 50 μm), which permitted the constructing of a thickness distribution characterizing the uniformity of the graphene sheet.

Graphene on SiC; Buffer layer composition; AES depth profiling; Graphene thickness; Sublimation epitaxy

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