Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer

Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer

PAM-MCA-01 digital multi-channel analyzer is integrated a low noise amplifier, digital multi-channel analyzer and software. It has the advantages of high performance, compact and high pulse analyzing rate for scintillator detector and semiconductor. Please refer to table below for specific parameters:

Digital Multi-channel Analyzer

1. Specification of Digital Multi-channel Analyzer

Dimension 120*70*18 mm3
Weight 200g
Voltage DC +5V
Power Consumption 1.25W
Rise Time 0.8~14μs
Plat Time 0.4~4μs
Gain 2-27 (adjustable)
Gain Drift <150ppm/℃
Channel Drift <50ppm/℃
Channel Range 256, 1k, 2k, 4k (adjustable)
Communication Interface Ethernet


2. Digital Multi-Channel Analyzer Spectrum

Spectrum of Digital multi-channel analyzer

3. Features of Digital Multi-channel Analyzer

* Low noise

* Portable, user friendly

* High linearity

4. Digital Multi-channel Analyzer Applications

* Nuclear science and technology

* Monitoring environment

* Detecting energy spectrum


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