Electronic and magnetic properties GaN/MnN/GaN and MnN/GaN/MnN interlayers

In this work we execute computational calculations to investigate the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of the GaN/MnN/GaN and MnN/GaN/MnN interlayers. The calculations were carried out by a method based on pseudopotentials, as implemented in the Quantum ESPRESSO code. For the description of the electron-electron interaction, generalized gradient approximation (GGA) was used. The total energy calculation reveal that the GaN/MnN/GaN interlayer is energetically most favourable that the MnN/GaN/MnN. Analysis of the density of states show that the interlayers have metallic behaviour that comes essentially from the hybridization and polarization states Mn-d and N-p cross the Fermi level. The interlayers have magnetic properties with a magnetic moment of 8μβ/cell. Due these properties the superlattices can be potentially used in the field of spintronic.


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