Epi Wafer for Laser Diode

Epi Wafer for Laser Diode

GaAs based LD epitaxy wafer, which can generate stimulate emission, is widely used for fabricating laser diode since the superior GaAs epitaxial wafer properties make the device a low energy consumption, high efficiency, long lifetime and etc. In addition to gallium arsenide LD epi wafer, commonly used semiconductor materials are cadmium sulfide (CdS), indium phosphide (InP), and zinc sulfide (ZnS).

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Product Description

Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN), a LD epitaxial wafer supplier, focuses on the GaAs and InP based laser diode epi wafers grown by MOCVD reactors for fiber-optic communication, industrial application, and special-purpose usage. PAM-XIAMEN can offer LD epitaxy wafer based on GaAs substrate for various fields, like VCSEL, infrared, photo-detector and etc. More details about the LD epitaxy wafer material, please refer to the table below:

Substrate MaterialMaterial CapabilityWavelengthApplication
GaAs Based Epi-wafer650nmVertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
GaAs Based Epi-wafer800-1064nmInfrared LD
GaAs/GalnP/AlGaInP/GaInP808nmInfrared LD
GaAs Based Epi-wafer850nmVertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
GaAs Based Epi-wafer<870nmPhoto-detector
GaAs Based Epi-wafer850-1100nmVertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
GaAs Based Epi-wafer980nmInfrared LD
InP Based Epi-wafer1250-1600nmAvalanche photo-detector
GaAs Based Epi-wafer1250-1600nm/>2.0um
(InGaAs absorptive layer)
GaAs Based Epi-wafer1250-1600nm/<1.4μm
(InGaAsP absorptive layer)
InP Based Epi-wafer1270-1630nmDFB laser
GaAsP/GaAs/GaAs substrate1300nm 
InP Based Epi-wafer1310nmFP laser
GaAsP/GaAs/GaAs substrate1550nmFP laser
InP Based Epi-wafer1900nmFP laser


About LD Epitaxy Wafer Applications & Market

The applications of GaAs based LD epitaxy wafer in the laser field can be divided into VCSELs and non-VCSELs. The current GaAs based LD epitaxy applications mainly lies in VCSELs. VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), based on GaAs materials, is mainly used for face recognition. It is expected to have a high growth rate in the future. EEL (Edge Emitting Laser) is a non-VCSEL device, mainly used in the field of automotive lidar, and the demand is expected to increase with the expansion of the driverless car market.

The GaAs substrate used in the laser field requires high technical indicators, and the unit epitaxial wafer price is significantly higher than that of other fields. The future LD epitaxial market space can be expected. Laser applications are the most sensitive to dislocation density. There is a high requirement for the GaAs substrate materials in laser applications. Therefore, the higher requirement is put forward on LD epitaxial wafer manufacturers and LD epitaxial wafer process. At present, the near-infrared band (760~1060 nm) semiconductor laser based on GaAs substrate has the most mature development and the most widespread application, and it has already been commercialized.

Please see below detail specification of LD epitaxy wafer:

VCSEL Laser Wafer Chip

703nm laser diode epi wafer

808nm laser diode epi wafer-1

780nm laser diode epi wafer

650nm laser diode epi wafer

785nm laser diode epi wafer

808nm laser diode epi wafers-2

850nm laser diode epi wafer

905nm laser diode epi wafer

950nm laser diode epi wafer

1550nm laser diode epi wafer

1654nm laser diode epi wafer

2004nm laser diode epi wafer


Single Emitter Chips

Single-emitter LD Chip 755nm @8W

Single-emitter LD Chip 808nm @8W

Single-emitter LD Chip 808nm @10W

Single-emitter LD Chip 830nm @2W

Single-emitter LD Chip 880nm @8W

Single-emitter LD Chip 900+nm @10W

Single-emitter LD Chip 900+nm @15W

Single-emitter LD Chip 905nm @25W

Single-emitter LD Chip 1470nm @3W

PAM XIAMEN offers 1470 / 1550nm high power laser single chip as follows:

LD Bare Bar

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2.5mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 1.5mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 3mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 4mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 4mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2mm

LD Bare Bar for [email protected] 2mm