Frequency Comb Generation From Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Semiconductor Laser Diodes

Frequency Comb Generation From Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Semiconductor Laser Diodes

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Frequency Comb Generation From Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Semiconductor Laser Diodes

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(Electrical Engineering) in The University of Michigan

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Optical frequency combs have shown much potential in recent years to be a revolutionary tool in metrology, signals processing, and telecommunications. This dissertation is a record of our investigation of a single-section semiconductor laser diode as a portable and robust frequency comb source with the proper bandwidth and spectral coherence for spectroscopy applications. Our previous theoretical studies on stimulated Brillouin scattering demonstrated the predictive power of traveling wave models in pulsed and cascaded configurations, including calculations of Brillouin frequency comb generation. Utilizing this knowledge, a comprehensive theoretical model of semiconductor laser diodes was developed, including all carrier dynamics, cavity effects, and nonlinear phase shifts. Then, the physics and essential mechanisms of laser diode frequency comb generation were studied, focusing upon the frequency modulated nature of the output without any saturable absorber. Finally, InGaAsP / InP quantum well laser diodes, operating at 1.55 µm and 1.3 µm were fabricated and characterized, with designs specified by our theoretical models. The fabricated lasers exhibited comb behavior as predicted, generating combs with bandwidths of about 1 THz and RF linewidths of 100-250 kHz, both at 1.55 µm and 1.3 µm. These sources show much promise for spectroscopy and other frequency comb applications, paving the way toward integration in portable systems as a truly practical frequency comb source.

Subject(s): Optical Frequency Combs, Semiconductor Laser Diodes, Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

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“… 139 9.2 a) absorption spectrum of the QWs for the 1.55 µm laser, or S1 (absorption data courtesy
of Xiamen Powerway) b) a typical LI curve of our S1 fabricated laser diodes. . . . . 140 9.3
Measured optical spectra of an S1 laser diode at two different lengths …”


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