GaAs Wafer

GaAs wafer is an important III-V compound semiconductors, a sphalerite lattice structure with lattice constant of 5.65 x 10-10m, melting point of 1237 C and band gap of 1.4 electron volts.Gallium arsenide wafer can be made into semi-insulating materials with resistivity higher than silicon and germanium by three orders of magnitude, which can be used to fabricate integrated circuit substrates, infrared detectors, gamma photon detectors and so on. Because its electron mobility is 5-6 times larger than that of silicon, it has been widely used in the fabrication of microwave devices and high-speed digital circuits. Semiconductor devices made of GaAs have the advantages of high frequency, high temperature, good low temperature performance, low noise and strong radiation resistance. In addition, it can also be used to fabricate transfer devices – bulk effect devices.

(Gallium Arsenide) GaAs Wafer and Epitaxy:GaAs wafer,N type,P type or semi-insulating,size from 2″ to 6″; GaAs epi wafer for HEMT, pHEMT,mHEMT and HBT

  • Epi Wafer for Laser Diode

  • GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) Wafers

    GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) Wafers

    PAM-XIAMEN Develops and manufactures compound semiconductor substrates-gallium arsenide crystal and wafer.We has used advanced crystal growth technology,vertical gradient freeze(VGF) and (GaAs)Gallium Arsenide wafer processing technology.

  • GaAs Epiwafer

    We are manufacturing various types of epi wafer III-V silicon doped n-type semiconductor materials based on Ga, Al, In, As and P grown by MBE or MOCVD. We supply custom structures to meet customer specifications.please contact us for more information.