GaInP/InP epi wafer

GaInP/InP epi wafer

GaInP/InP epi wafer



We can offer 2″ GaInP/InP epi wafer as follows:


2” GaInP epi layer: thickness:1um, Ga:In=1:1, epi layer:1-3um,


InP substrate:2”size,orientation (100) or (110), n type or semi-insulating, thickness:300-500um, single side polished.


Gallium indium phosphide (GaInP), is a semiconductor composed of indium, gallium and phosphorus. It is used in high-power and high-frequency electronics because of its superior electron velocity with respect to the more common semiconductors silicon and gallium arsenide.


It is used mainly in HEMT structure,HBT structures or MESFET structure, a high-bandgap GaInP epitaxial material grown on InP to increase the Schottky barrier height of the InP MESFET with the Schottky gate materials( Au and Pt2Si): The pseudomorphic GaInP/InP MESFET with an Au gate has a Schottky barrier height of 0.54 eV, and the reverse leakage current of the device is 10 -2 times lower than that of the conventional InP MESFET. The extrinsic and intrinsic transconductance of the pseudomorphic MESFET are 66.7 and 104.2 mS/mm respectively for the 5-μm-gate-length GaInP/InP MESFET


GaInP is also used for the fabrication of high efficiency solar cells used for space applications. Ga0.5In0.5P is used as the high energy junction on double and triple junction photovoltaic cells grown on GaAs. Recent years have shown GaInP/GaAs tandem solar cells with AM0 (sunlight incidence in space=1.35 kW/m2) efficiencies in excess of 25%. A different alloy of GaInP, lattice matched to the underlying GaInAs, is utilized as the high energy junction GaInP/GaInAs/Ge triple junction photovoltaic combination with aluminium (AlGaInP alloy) to make high brightness LEDs with orange-red, orange, yellow, and green colors.




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