Gallium Arsenide Wafer, GaAs, VGF, Semi Insulating, Undoped

Q: We would like to ask for below.
(001) +/- 0.5o Orientation
Semi Insulating, Undoped
Resistivity ≤ 1 – 10 x 108 Ohm-cm3
EPD ≤ 5000 cm-2
1 Side Polished (Ra < 10Å), EPI Ready, Back Side Etched
US Semi Standard Flats, No Laser Markings
Individual spider style wafer cassettes, sealed in N2 gas,
Class 1000 Cleanroom Packing, No labels inside of packing
50.8 mm (+/- 0.4 mm) diameter x ≤ 350 microns

A: We could supply for above GaAs wafer.

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