Gallium Arsenide(GaAs) Wafer with High Mobility

Gallium Arsenide(GaAs) Wafer with High Mobility

We can offer Gallium Arsenide material with high mobility. Normally mobility of n type/Si doped GaAs is above 1000cm2/V.s, mobility of p type/Zn doped GaAs is above  50~120cm2/V.s,and mobility of undoped GaAs is require to above 3500cm2/V.s, but we can select material and get high mobility >4500 or >5000cm2/V.s even if necessary.

Specification of 4-inch Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafer with high mobility:

Method: VGF

Diameter: 100.0±0.2 mm

Type: S-I, undoped

Orientation: (100)±0.3° towards (110)

Resistivity: >0.8*10^8  Ohm*cm

Mobility: 4800cm2/(V*s)

EPD : <= 800 cm-2

Thickness: 600±25 um

BOW: <= 4 um

Warp: <=  5 um

TTV: <= 3 um

TIR: <= 3 um

LFPD: <= 1 um

LTV: <=  1.5um

PLTV: >90% on square 15*15mm

Particles: <100pcs/wafer (for particles size >0.28 um), Haze <5ppm

OF:  EJ[0-1-1] ± 0,5°/ 32.5 ±1.0mm

IF: EJ[0-1-1] ± 0.5°/ 18.0 ±1.0mm

Front Side: polished, epi-ready

Back side: polished

Laser Marking: on back side

Remark: Mobility refers to the average drift velocity of carrier produced under unit electric field intensity. Mobility represents the carrier conductivity, which is determined by the carrier concentration. The mobility of general semiconductor materials is usually 10^2-10^6 cm2 / V · s. Mobility is an important parameter to characterize semiconductor. The higher the mobility is, the faster the device runs and the higher the cut-off frequency is. The electronic effective mass of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) is much smaller than that of silicon, so GaAs is used to make high frequency devices.


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