GaN on GaN

GaN on GaN

PAM-XIAMEN offers GaN on GaN wafer, which uses the homogeneous substrate. The main application market of GaN-on-GaN epi wafer is blue/green lasers, which are used in laser display, laser storage, laser lighting and other fields.

1. GaN on GaN Epitaxy Structure

Item 1:

Epitaxial LayerThickness
GaN Cap3nm
AlxGaN 20nm
Buffer layer3um
GaN substrate


Item 2: 2” and 4” GaN Sub (N +) PAM201111-GG 

Layer No.CompositionThickness
1st layerN-GaN10-15μm (Nd-1e15-5e16cm-3)
2nd layerP-GaN0.5-2μm (Na-1e17-1e19cm-3)


Item 3: 2” and 4” GaN Sub (N +) PAM201111-GG 

Layer No.CompositionThickness
1st layerN-GaN10 to 15μm (Nd-1e15 to 5e16cm-3)
2nd layerP-GaN0.2-1μm (Na-1e17-1e19cm-3)
3rd layerP-GaN0.1μm (N4-8e19cm-3)


Item 4: 2” and 4” GaN Sub (N +) PAM201111-GG 

1st layer: N-Gan 10-15μ (Nd1e15-5e16cm-3)


2. About the GaN on GaN Technology

GaN-on-GaN has better heat dissipation performance than GaN-on-SiC HEMT due to the higher thermal conductivity of the GaN epitaxial layer. A GaN substrate thinning process can help heat dissipation in GaN-on-GaN HEMTs.

Growing epitaxial layers on independent GaN is an effective way to reduce dislocation density. The dislocation density of the substrate is 106 cm-2 or less, so that compared with the GaN substrate, the dislocation density of the GaN epitaxial layer on GaN is reduced by at least two orders of magnitude.


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