GaN on Sapphire for RF

GaN on Sapphire for RF

PAM XIAMEN offers GaN on Sapphire for RF.

1. GaN HEMT Structure on Sapphire for RF Application

Wafer size 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”
AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure Refer 1.2
Carrier density 6E12~2E13 cm2
Hall mobility /
XRD(102)FWHM /
XRD(002)FWHM /
Sheet Resistivity /
AFM RMS (nm)of 5x5um2 <0.25nm
Bow(um) <=35um
Edge exclusion  <2mm
SiN passivation layer  0~30nm
u-GaN cap layer  /
Al composition 20-30%
In composition 17% for InAlN
AlGaN barrier layer  20~30nm 
AlN spacer  /
GaN buffer layer(um) /
GaN channel /
Fe doped GaN buffer /
Nudeation /
Substrate material Sapphire substrate


2. GaN HEMT Wafer


Layer Thickness
SiN cap
GaN cap
AlGaN barrier
AlN interlayer
GaN channel
Insulating GaN 1.6um
GaN buffer
Double side polished sapphire


3. AlGaN/GaN HEMT Wafer


Layer Material Thickness
AlN Sapcer
GaN 2um


4. FAQ of GaN on Sapphire HEMT Wafer, RF

Q: I believe the 2-inch diameter GaN substrate grown by HVPE on Sapphire substrate and lifted-off. Can I know the substrate dislocation density (TDD) as well as the grown HEMT structure?

A: The dislocation density of GaN on sapphire HEMT wafer: substrate<2E6, epilayer<3E6.

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