GaN on SiC for RF

PAM XIAMEN offers GaN on SiC for RF.

1. GaN HEMT Wafer on SiC for RF Application

Wafer size 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”
AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure Refer 1.2
Carrier density 6E12~2E13 cm2
Hall mobility 1300~2200 cm2v-1s-1
Sheet Resistivity 200~450 ohm/sq
AFM RMS (nm)of 5x5um2 <0.25nm
Bow(um) <=35um
Edge exclusion <2mm
SiN passivation layer 0~30nm
GaN cap layer 2nm
Al composition 20-30%
In composition xx% for InAlN
AlGaN  /
AlN interlayer /
GaN channel /
Fe doped GaN buffer 1.6um
AlN buffer layer /
Substrate material SiC Substrate


Silicon Carbide based Gallium Nitride has now been used in the fields of wireless infrastructure (4G/LTE base station), defense and communication satellites. In these areas, the highest performance and reliability must be available. Silicon Carbide based Gallium Nitride is also a strong competitor to 5G MIMO infrastructure.

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