Dislocations in Gan Grown on Silicon

In order to understand dislocations in GaN grown on silicon using metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), two samples with different film thickness were grown. The distribution of dislocations and its influence on epitaxial layer were studied. Wet etching can effectively reveal the dislocations in GaN, and the hexagonal etch pits are the emergence of dislocations. After etching in the aqueous KOH: H2O =3:20 (m:m), there are more pits with longer etch time. SEM shows that there are more hexagonal etch pits near the micro-cracks because many dislocations are induced by micro-cracks. In the experiment, ribbon slopes in the two sides of the pits are observed, and they are paralleled to each other. If the growth time prolonged, the ribbon slopes would disappear and the surface become flat, and this mechanism is discussed in this paper.

Source: Xiancang Deng and Xufeng Dong

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