GaN Wafer

GaN Wafer
Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co.,Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN), the leading developer and supplier of compound semiconductor crystal and wafer, provide GaN wafer serie:
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But while LED and power electronics manufacturers wait for GaN substrates to compete on price with silicon and sapphire alternatives, laser diodes have provided a lucrative market for bulk GaN. Blu-ray applications currently represent the largest market for blue laser diodes, significantly bolstering demand for GaN substrates; but will this last?
GaN wafer bonding
We provide thin-body N-face GaN-on-insulator-on-Si (100) wafers. These new wafers are promising to increase the carrier confinement and reduce the contact resistance in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). In the technology, a Ga-face AlGaN/GaN epilayer grown on Si (111) is transferred to a Si (100) wafer by direct wafer bonding and thinned down by selective dry etch to the device active layers. A GaN channel thickness as thin as 20 nm is obtained with the use of AlGaN etch-stop layers. Excellent transport characteristics are obtained in the fabricated thin-body N-face AlGaN/GaN structures, with a sheet resistance of 430 Ω/sq, an electron mobility of 1700 cm2/V · s, and a 2-D electron gas concentration of 9 × 1012 cm-2. HEMTs fabricated on these N-face thin-body epilayers shows excellent current-voltage characteristics and great potential for high-frequency applications.
GaN wafer suppliers
GaN wafer process/GaN wafer cleaning
Successful ex situ and in situ cleaning procedures for AlN and GaN surfaces have been investigated and achieved. Exposure to HF and HCl solutions produced the lowest coverages of oxygen on AlN and GaN surfaces, respectively. However, significant amounts of residual F and Cl were detected.These halogens tie up dangling bonds at the nitride surfaces hindering reoxidation. The desorption of F required temperatures .850 °C. Remote H plasma exposure was effective for removing halogens and hydrocarbons from the surfaces of both nitrides at 450 °C, but was not efficient for oxide removal. Annealing GaN in NH3 at 700–800 °C produced atomically clean as well as stoichiometric GaN surfaces.
GaN wafer bow reduction
Reduction of the bowing of GaN-on-sapphire and GaN-on-silicon substrates was demonstrated with an internally focused laser processing. Stress implantation was successfully achieved inside the sapphire and silicon substrates by the internally focused laser process to compensate for the strain generated by the GaN/sapphire and GaN/Si systems which resulted in substrate bow reduction. This new approach gives us a larger flexibility in the design engineering of epitaxial and device fabrication processes and thus accelerates the realization of a larger diameter device process with GaN-on-sapphire and GaN-on silicon.
GaN wafer dicing
We provide GaN wafer dicing service, size from 5*5mm to 15*15mm.
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