Indium Arsenide Ingot with Zinc Blende Structure Grown By VGF

Indium Arsenide Ingot with Zinc Blende Structure Grown By VGF

PAM-XIAMEN provides indium arsenide (InAs) ingot with high quality and competitive price. Indium arsenide is a group III-V compound semiconductor material composed of indium and arsenic. It is a silver-gray solid at room temperature, and the indium arsenide crystal structure is a zinc blende crystal structure with a lattice constant of 0.6058nm, and a density of 5.66g/cm (solid state), 5.90g/cm (liquid at the melting point). The indium arsenide energy band structure is a direct transition, and the band gap width (300K) is 0.45eV. At the melting point of InAs (942 degree), the dissociation pressure of arsenic is only 0.033MPa, and single crystals can be grown from the melt under normal pressure. Indium arsenide ingot has high electron mobility and mobility ratio (μe/μh=70), low magnetoresistance effect and small temperature coefficient of resistance. Thus, indium arsenide boule is an ideal material for manufacturing Hall devices and magnetoresistive devices. Below is the specification listed for your reference.

Indium Arsenide Ingot

Indium Arsenide Ingot

1. Indium Arsenide Ingot Specification (PAM210618-INAS)

Method: VGF
Orientation: (111)
Diameter: 50.8mm
Dopant: undoped
Conductivity Type: N-type
CC (@77K): <=3*10^16 cm-3
Mobility: >=18000 in room temperature
EPD:  <5000
Ingot length:  >= 50mm


Besides, indium arsenide polycrystalline ingot boule is available:

InAs Polycrystalline Crystal (PAM170324-INAS)

Undoped, high Purity, >=6N

diameter: 4”size 

Thickness: 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm or 20mm

500 grams per boule

2. Indium Arsenide Ingot Electrical Properties

Basic Parameters

The indium arsenide breakdown field is about 4·104 V cm-1;

Diffusion coefficiet of electrons of indium arsenide is ≤103 cm2s-1;

The indium arsenide crystal hole thermal velocity is 2·105 m s-1.

The indium arsenide band gap changes with the stress, please see the highlight in purple:

indium arsenide band gap

From the III-V and II-VI lattice constant comparison table, the indium arsenide lattice constant is highlight in purple circle:

indium arsenide lattice constant

* Indium arsenide mobility and Hall effect

Under different electron concentration, the relationship between electron hall mobility and temperature is show as in the figure:

Indium arsenide mobility and Hall effect

* Indium arsenide transport properties in high electric fields

The following picture shows the InAs steady-state field dependence:

InAs steady-state field dependence

* Recombination parameters of N type indium arsenide boule crystal

The longest lifetime of holes is τp ~ 3·10-6 s, and the diffusion length Lp is about Lp ~ 10 – 20 µm.

3. Indium Arsenide Application

Indium arsenide single crystal is used to make the infrared detector with a wavelength from 1 µm to 3.8 µm, high speed electronics, support communication and diode lasers. The emission wavelength of indium arsenide is 3.34μm, and lattice-matched In-GaAsSb, InAsPSb and InAsSb multi-epitaxial materials can be grown on the InAs substrate, which can manufacture lasers and detectors for optical fiber communication in the 2~4μm band.

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