InGaAs EPI on InP( Semi-insulating)

InGaAs EPI on InP( Semi-insulating)

PAM XIAMEN offers InGaAs EPI on InP( Semi-insulating).

No1: InGaAs EPI on semi-insulating InP substrate:

-2″ dia. InGaAs Film on InP (SI) (100) Depositied by MOCVD, 2″ dia x0.35mm,2sp,Film:500 nm
-2″ dia. InGaAs EPI Film on InP (SI) (100) Depositied by MOCVD ( InP:Fe) 2″ dia x0.35mm,2sp,Film:750 nm

No.2:InGaAs/InP structures PAM190430-INGAAS

Layer Material Doping(cm-3) Thickness(nm)
p-Contact p++  InP ??? (Zn)
p+ InP About 2  x 1018 (Zn)
i-layer/Absorber i- InGaAs n.i.d.
n-Contact n+ InP 1.0 x 1019 (Si)
Etch-Stop i- InGaAs n.i.d.
Buffer i- InP n.i.d.
Substrate S.I. InP Fe


1.The p-doping concentration of top layer max. 2E18.
2.When delivery, we can offer X-ray diffractometry and carrier concentration distribution profile data
3.InGaAs/InP structures epitaxial structures on InP semi-insulating substrate with heavily Zn doped p+ – InP layers (see Figure).

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