InGaAs/InP epi wafer for PIN

InGaAs/InP epi wafer for PIN

PAM-XIAMEN can offer 2” InGaAs/InP epi wafer for PIN as follows. InGaAs is the compound of InAs and GaAs. In the periodic table of chemical elements, In and Ga are elements of the third group, and As is the fifth group element. The properties of InGaAs are between the properties of GaAs and inAs. As a room temperature semiconductor, InGaAs is widely used in electronics and photonics nowadays.

1. Specifications of InGaAs/InP Epi Wafer for PIN

1.1 InGaAs Epi Wafer on InP Substrate

InP Substrate:

InP Orientation: (100)

Doped with Fe, Semi-Insulating

wafer Size: 2″ diameter


EPD:<1×10^4 /cm^2

Single side polished. 

EPI layer :


Nc>2×10^18 /cc (using Si as dopant),

Thickness :0.5 um (+/- 20%)

Roughness of epi-layer, Ra<0.5nm 

1.2 InP-based InGaAs Epi Wafer for PIN

(PAM-190320-InGaAs PIN)

InGaAs PIN epi wafer with a structure consisting of P+ InP layer / InGaAs Intrinsic layer / N+ InP layer grown on a InP 2” (or larger) wafer, more details as below:

Layer NO. Composition Thickness Epi layer
Layer #4 Contact layer 0,15um  InGaAs cap layer, top contact
Layer #3 P-region 1um InP layer
Layer #2 I-region 3um InGaAs absorption layer
Layer #1 N-region 0,5um InP layer
Substrate n-InP(n-doped, n~1-10×1018cm−3)
Substrate specifications:
Crystal orientation 100
Diameter 2”
Thickness 350um
Termination Single Side Polished, backside etched; epiready


1.3 InGaAs/InP (PIN) Epitaxy on 3″ InP Substrate


Back Side Illuminated Structure 1
Layer No. Material Thickness Carrier Concentration
5 P+ InP 200A
4 P++ InGaAs
3 InGaAs
2 n+ InP
1 InP Buffer layer Un-doped
0 3″ Semi-Insulating InP 300~600um

1.4 InGaAs EPI Wafer with PIN Structure


No. item thickness type dopant doping concentration
1 InP substrate 350um,2 inch Semi-insulating  
2 InP buffer layer n type S
3 InGaAs Intrinsic  
4 InP cap layer 0.5um n type Si

2. InGaAs Epi Wafer for PIN

Ordinary diodes are composed of PN junctions. A thin, low-doped Intrinsic semiconductor layer is added between the P and N semiconductor materials to form a diode with a P-I-N structure, which is a PIN. Because the carrier concentration and electron mobility of the InGaAs epitaxial layer matched with the InP lattice are very high, which exceed that of the AlGaAs matched with the GaAs lattice, the InGaAs/InP epi wafer has a large application prospects in the frequency range of more than ten hertz. Therefore, the InGaAs epi wafer on InP substrate from PAM-XIAMEN makes the PIN device a fast data transmission rate, low dark current, high response and high reliability.


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