InGaAs/InP epi wafer for PIN

InGaAs is the compound of InAs and GaAs. In the periodic table of chemical elements, In and Ga are elements of the third group, and As is the fifth group element. The properties of InGaAs are between the properties of GaAs and inAs. As a room temperature semiconductor, InGaAs is widely used in electronics and photonics nowadays.

We can offer 2″ InGaAs/InP epi wafer for PIN as follows: 

Item 1:

InP Substrate:

InP Orientation: (100)

Doped with Fe, Semi-Insulating

wafer Size: 2″ diameter


EPD:<1×10^4 /cm^2

Single side polished. 

EPI layer :


Nc>2×10^18 /cc (using Si as dopant),

Thickness :0.5 um (+/- 20%)

Roughness of epi-layer, Ra<0.5nm 

Item 2(PAM-190320-InGaAs PIN):

InGaAs PIN epi wafer with a structure consisting of P+ InP layer / InGaAs Intrinsic layer / N+ InP layer grown on a InP 2” (or larger) wafer, more details as below:

Layer NO.CompositionThicknessEpi layer
Layer #4Contact layer0,15mm InGaAs cap layer, top contact
Layer #3P-region1mmInP layer
Layer #2I-region3mmnGaAs absorption layer
Layer #1N-region0,5mmInP layer
Substraten-InP(n-doped, n~1-10×1018cm−3)
Substrate specifications:
Crystal orientation100
TerminationSingle Side Polished, backside etched; epiready



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