PAM XIAMEN offers InP Indium Phosphide Crystal Substrates.

Choose high-quality InP (Indium Phosphide) crystal substrates for sale at PAM XIAMEN Supplies. Our InP substrates come in many sizes and conductivity types.

                                                                       Main Parameters
Single crystal Dopant Conductivity type Carrier concentration Mobility(cm2/V.s) Dislocation density(cm-2) Standard wafer sizes
InP none (0.4-2)*10^16 3500~4000 5*10^4 Φ2×0.35mm
N Φ3×0.35mm
InP S N (0.8-3)*10^18 2000~2400 3*10^4 Φ2×0.35mm
(4-6)*10^18 1300~1600 2*10^3 Φ3×0.35mm
InP Zn P (0.6-2)*10^18 1200~3500 2*10^4 Φ2×0.35mm
InP Te N   107-10^8  2000 3*10^4 Φ2×0.35mm
Dimension (mm) Dia 50.8×0.35mm, 10×10×0.35mm, 10×5×0.35mm
Surface roughness Surface roughness(Ra):<=5A
Polishing  Single side or double side polished

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