Intrinsic SiC Epilayer on Silicon carbide substrate

Intrinsic SiC Epilayer on Silicon carbide substrate

High purity undoped or Intrinsic SiC Epilayer on Silicon carbide substrate(PAM-191014-SIC) are offered, its carrier concentration is extremely low(for detail data, please consult our team: and its resistivity is high, semi-insulating. Some researchers use its property to study color centers in wide band-gap semiconductors or Silicon vacancy in SiC in condensed matter physics. It was also mentioned in the literature in 2014 that the impurity concentration of 10^14cm-3 was mentioned in the ultra-pure sample, it is not the purest in fact.

Also another option is to research silicon vacancy in SiC, in this field research, there are paper also mentioned as below: “510um thick commercial on-axis high-purity semi-insulating 4H-SiC single crystal sample.

High-purity 4H-SiC epitaxy growth wafers with a thickness of about 7 μm are used (Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd).”、“Commercially available high-purity 4H-SiC substrate.”、“A commercially available high purity 4H-SiC epitaxy layer(4du off-axis, thickness is about 7um,”

For undoped epilayer, its resistivity would be >60

See below spec as an example:

1. Specification of Intrinsic SiC on SiC

6-inch SiC epiwafers PAM-210322-SIC-EPI
SiC Substrate
Diameter: 150mm,
Thickness: 350um thick;
4-degree off-axis,
Resistivity:0.015~0.028 ohm-cm
Double side polished.
Epi layer:
Epi :Thickness:10um , undoped

2. FAQ of Semi-insulating SiC Epilayer

Q: We unpacked the sample of 4inch intrinsic SiC epilayer grown on N type SiC substrate and found many triangular scratches on the surface and a large round black spot in the center. As scratches will affect the use, how to deal with them? What is the black spot in the center?

A: 1) Triangular defect is one of the common epitaxial surface defects. According to the data tested, the defect density of this semi-insulating SiC epi wafer is 0.7cm-2, which belongs to the normal range. In fact, it is very good.

2) There is a large round black spot in the center of the SiC epitaxial wafer as feedback. This is the unique growth facet in the conductive (N-type) silicon carbide. It belongs to the unique property of the conductive silicon carbide and has no impact on your use.




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