GaSb 및 단결정 웨이퍼

GaSb 및 단결정 웨이퍼

PAM 하문 고품질 GaSb 및 단결정 웨이퍼를 제공합니다.

1. Specifications of GaSb Single Crystal Wafers

GaSb 및의 도핑

GaSb 및 웨이퍼 (100), 도핑, 10x10x0.5 mm, 1SP
GaSb Wafer (100), undoped, 2″x0.45 mm ,1sp
GaSb Wafer (100), undoped, 2″x0.5 mm two sides polished
GaSb Wafer (111)-A, undoped,P-type 2″x0.4 mm ,2sp
GaSb Wafer (111)-B, undoped,P-type 2″x0.4 mm ,2sp

GaSb 및 실리콘이 도핑

GaSb 및 (100), P 형은 Si를 도핑 2 "X 0.450 mm 웨이퍼 1SP

GaSb 및 테는 도핑

GaSb 및 (100), N 타입 테, 2 "D의 x0.45mm 웨이퍼 1SP 캐리어 농도 도핑 : 3.5 × 10 ^ 17cm를 ^ -3
GaSb (100), N Type, Te doped, 2″D x0.45mm wafer 1sp,Carrier Concentration: (1-7)x10^17 cm^-3
GaSb (100), N Type, Te doped, 2″D x0.5mm wafer 1sp

GaSb 및 아연이 도핑

GaSb 및 (100), Zn-은 P 형 도핑 2 "직경의 X를 0.45mm로, 1SP
GaSb, (100), Zn- doped,, P-type, 2″ dia x 0.45mm, 1sp


2. FAQ of GaSb Wafer

질문 1: Can we have a better Bow and Warp of GaSb wafer, <5um?

: BOW and WARP of GaSb substrate should be <8um, 5um is too difficult.

질문 2: what is the dislocation density in a regular manner and can we have EPD mapping of GaSb wafer ?

: EPD of GaSb material is <1000, see below mapping:

Q3:Could you please offer us the following characterization data of GaSb substrate?
(TTV, Bow and Warp, Surface Oxide Thickness, FTIR Transmission, Mobility / Carrier Concentration / Resistivity mapping, EPD cartography, …)

A:Usually, all the data of GaSb should be tested after polished and before shipment, but we can show you some example data, like EPD, oxidized-warp-bow, oxidized-TTV-TIR, oxide layer thickness and so on. To obtain detailed information please contact

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