LaF3 crystal

LaF3 crystal

PAM XIAMEN offers LaF3 crystal.

Structure  Lattice (A) Melting Point  Density g/cm3 Hardness  Growth  Max. Xtl  Size
Trigonal a=b= 7.190 c=7.367 a=b=90o,  g=120o 1493 5.936 4.5 Bridgman  20dx 100mm

LaF3 (100)ori. 9x9x0.5mm 1sp

LaF3 (100)ori. 10x10x0.5mm 1SP

LaF3 (100)ori. 7x7x0.5mm 2sp

LaF3 6.35 mm Dia. x 1.575mm ,fine ground

LaF3 (110)ori. 6 mm Dia. x 0.5mm 1sp

LaF3 (100)ori. 10 mm Dia. x 15 mm 2sp

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Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China. PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices. PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

With more than 25+years experiences in compound semiconductor material field and export business, our team can assure you that we can understand your requirements and deal with your project professionally.

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